How Much Does An eCommerce Website Cost

eCommerce Website Cost

Several factors add up to determine the cost of developing an eCommerce website. Web developers in Melbourne have different criteria for deciding the website costs. Never select a web design agency that compromises on quality to make the eCommerce development pricing affordable. A well-designed eCommerce website will attract more traffic. It will involve lower maintenance, thus saving you extra costs and hassle in the long term.

How much an eCommerce website will cost in 2022?

Let’s find out.

The design and development of an eCommerce Website range from $4500-$12000.

Designing an e-commerce website is a complex process. The pricing factors are determined by the functionality and complexity involved in designing the eCommerce website. Costs can vary depending upon the features added, the platform that you select(WordPress, Shopify, and so on), and the web design agency that you opt for.

Factors that determine the cost of an eCommerce website:

Website design

If you go in for a custom template, costs will come down considerably. You might, however, not enjoy the flexibility of tailored features on your website. While you have the flexibility to select the font and colour, the basic template and interface design of your website pages are predesigned.

When experienced web designers in Melbourne design tailored eCommerce website that includes customised website pages, intuitive designs, and other features that are incorporated as per personal tastes and preferences, the costs will escalate.

Feature-rich & Functionality

If you are looking for innovative web designs, tailored plugins, or a unique app, you should be prepared to pay more. Designing a responsive website takes a greater amount of time and will end up costing more.

Many eCommerce websites go the extra mile to offer additional services to the customer. This includes features like seamless payment systems, additional payment methods, several third-party integrations, and unique content that’s targeted to specific visitors. Several eCommerce websites employ advanced analytics to study their client demographics and design marketing content as per the targeted audience. Every website is unique, you’ll likely have some particular features or functions that you have in mind.

Marketing and SEO

Brands are recognising the importance of a robust SEO plan. Melbourne web designers are including SEO-friendly designs and techniques that help websites appear on top of the search results. While SEO Marketing will increase the eCommerce website costs, these important elements must not be left out.

Data imports

If you need additional data to run your website, it might involve additional costs. Data imports add certain functionalities that can take the portal to another level. Web designers import data from external sources and align it with their back office software for greater flexibility, agility and numerous other features. There are different methods of data import and involve considerable time, effort and monetary inputs.

High-quality content

High-quality visual content is very important in the case of an website where you are selling products. A well-photographed image that showcases the distinct features of a website, can convince the buyer to make a purchase.

Brands maintain a digital content team that plans, designs, and conducts content marketing campaigns for a better customer experience, higher brand value, and SEO ranking. If you are looking for exemplary content, high-quality videos and photos, you have to invest more in your eCommerce website.


Apart from the above, eCommerce website costs include shipping charges, certification costs, domain name, extensions and hosting charges and more. The first thing to decide while exploring eCommerce solutions is your budget. You can then proceed with selecting options like template designs or tailored web designs, add-ons, data imports, visual content quality, and so on. Take the expert services of a web designing agency in Melbourne to guide you through the process of cost determination and designing.

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