5 Key Elements of eCommerce Domination

To appear on top of the Google search pages is a feat in itself. A synchronised team effort combined with strategic digital marketing helps in winning the audiences’ attention and leads to conversions. From elevated design to driven content, there are key elements that all successful websites have in common.

Let’s explore them!

Mobile-friendly response

Most people are glued to their smartphones. They are surfing while travelling, sitting idle, or even take breaks from work to check their phones. Your eCommerce website must design a mobile-friendly responsive websites that works seamlessly on the mobile gadget.

A responsive website simply means that it will work as smoothly on mobiles and other gadgets just like the desktop. People like to shop on their mobile app and brands must ensure that the navigation, checkout, and purchase should be an effortless experience.

Focus on one service

Brands must focus on one service they deliver best. They should work towards achieving a level of expertize where they establish themselves as authority in their field and out do the competition. This level of specialisation will help their eCommerce portal dominate the industry. we can check out the following example to understand how to focus on a niche service.

A Germain retail brand, Shop4runners, sells diverse sports items like shoes, nutrition, backpacks and a much more. However, the focus is on running, where they have developed Shoe Advisor and other features that help in making recommendations to the audience.


This element is the make-or-break criteria as customers make the final purchase decision based on their user-experience. When a potential customers visit your eCommerce site, they must be tempted to stay and shop on it.

Use tactics like:

  • Concise and easy-to-use interfaces
  • Simple and easy to understand instructions
  • High-quality content that is difficult to find on other website
  • Customer reviews displayed prominently
  • Tagines like, “till stocks last’, or “ just 2 left”, and so on

Visitors are mostly looking for specific products. Your eCommerce website search tool must be equipped to conduct vast searches and when complex criteria are thrown to them by the user. Filtered searches quickly and easily help users find what they need.

You have to ensure that your customers have several reasons to buy from you, and also recommend you to others. If so, you have cracked the code of delivering a great ‘user experience’.

Customer service

In the mammoth sea of competition where there are identical stores selling the same products, an incredible customer service could be your ticket to better website traffic. Brands must protect customer rights and take care of their customers requirements. Robust round-the-clock services, prompt chat bot replies and responsiveness to customer queries on social media are some tactics that brands have always followed.

Customers love free shipping. They often abandon their carts at the last leg if the company does not offer free shipping. Brands must also ensure that the shipping and return services must be a hassle-free experience for the customer.


When people shop, they want to have an assurance that the website is authentic and their private information is secure. Websites must ensure that the customer’s personal data collected for their use must not be divulged to anybody. Customers will lose trust in brands if they feel that their privacy is being compromised.


Maintaining an eCommerce website that reigns the Google searches is a consistent process. You have to periodical test, evaluate, and update your eCommerce website to stay ahead of the competition. If you   are a web-agency in Australia, follow the above-mentioned useful strategies, to ensure that your eCommerce website stays ahead of the competition.

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