Things To Include In Your Website Redesign Project

Website Redesign Project

It’s a misconception that a website redesign includes only a visual revamp. On the contrary, a website redesign includes a complete transformation where key elements are updated and refreshed according to the trending requirements of the digital world.

What are these key elements that you must focus on during your website redesign?

In this article, we will discuss all the elements that web design agencies in Melbourne must include in their website redesign project:

Let’s get started!

Redesign the content

Is your content optimised to reach the maximum audience? Melbourne web designers and marketing experts are gearing up to create innovative and creative content that grabs the audience’s attention. They use videos, images, product descriptions, blogs, and other website content to introduce your product/service to the audience and showcase its benefits. Add testimonials and reviews as social proof to win the audience’s trust. You can run contests and audience polls to interact with your potential customers.

When revamping content, do not forget to add keywords, meta descriptions, and title tags that make the search engines notice your website. Add links to authority websites and include blog content that users find interesting as well as informative. Remember, Google is watching over you!

Better functionality

Better interfaces, fonts, and colour combinations make the website look more attractive. Although, along with the aesthetics, expert web designers in Melbourne will focus on making the website easy to navigate and use. They ensure that videos and images are well-captioned and the website has an intuitive design that elevates the user’s experience.

Before adding more features and functions, you can perform a detailed audit of your website. This will help you ascertain the areas where you need to work – design, content, SEO marketing, and so on. Melbourne designers also conduct deep insights, analytics, and conduct surveys to determine the audience demographics and their preferences. Understand what drives more traffic to your website and then work on all areas where the website needs an update. It could range from security issues, slow loading speed, cumbersome payment processes, and so on.

Mobile-friendly design

People are surfing, chatting and buying through their mobile gadgets. As mobile usage continues to increase, brands must concentrate on improving the user’s mobile experience. If you still haven’t, switch to a mobile-friendly responsive app that users enjoy browsing/shopping. A responsive website resizes itself to the gadget that you are operating on, a desktop, tablet, smartphone, or laptop.

Don’t forget the server

Your server is the space that you rent for your website to function. That is the reason the URL is called the website ‘address’. A slow server could cause trouble when more traffic is directed to your website. Customers have very low patience and do not wait long for the website to load. They tend to abandon carts and leave websites if the website becomes slow. As you embark upon a website redesign, ensure that the server is updated to handle all the heavy traffic that gets directed to your website.

Website security

A website with HTTPS, where S stands for security, is a secure website. In your website redesign, ensure that your website is secure with an SSL certificate. Google also gives special preference to secure websites.


A website redesign is a great investment in your business if done right. Hire only the best web agency in Melbourne for your website redesign project, which is experienced in getting leads and conversions. Once the revamped website is ready, run several trials runs to test its performance of the website. Discuss your vision with your web design team. Work closely with them to ensure that they include all the above-discussed elements in your website redesign project.

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