Choosing A Modern Enterprise CMS — How To Evaluate Them

Choosing a wrong enterprise for developing and managing the content system of your website could cost you exponentially. There are several parameters on which you must weigh the content management firm before you assign them your next projects. As content continues to reign on the SEO charts and is a major crowd puller, we should only hire agencies that do complete justice to our website content.

What is an Enterprise CMS?

An enterprise CMS (Content Management System) is a software system equipped with functionalities, features, and tools using which brands/websites engage the potential audience to drive revenue. Buying an incompetent CMS could aggravate problems for an organisation that runs multiple websites, eCommerce portals and more. Organisations often look for a pocket-friendly CMS without analysing its capabilities.

To choose a CMS that is versatile and caters to modern demands, you must consider certain factors.

Let’s find out what they are.

Tips for selecting the most suitable CMS:

  1. Do not rely on in-house CMS, hire professionals

Every organisation has a content team that designs the day-to-day content of the firm. However, for selecting a competent modern enterprise CMS, always go for professional services. The reasons and advantages are manifold. Inhouse content teams are already busy with other services, they lack the time, skill, and knowledge to lead a CMS system.

A hired developer has many years of experience and the resources to manage a firm’s CMS. Developers offer robust support associated with a complex CMS. They have expertise in managing and organizing content so that various departments can access, optimize and work on it.

  1. Select a CMS that prioritises privacy & security

As more businesses go digital, industry regulations, data breaches, and privacy compliance measures have to be followed. Your enterprise CMS platform must be aware of all the industry norms and government regulations, and offer highly-customizable permissions settings that keep up with the market trends while remaining secure.

  1. User-friendly and intuitive UI

A user-friendly interface of your CMS will ensure that your content team works seamlessly to manage and optimise content from the omnichannel. If a CMS requires too much training and technical knowledge, your in-house team will be unable in finding solutions. They should log in quickly or solve complex issues without having to resort to help constantly.

  1. CMS must support omnichannel

Does your CMS function on just the desktop or mobile site? Content is getting big day by day and is available on multiple channels mobile, kiosks, AR/VR, digital assistants, jumbotrons, and so on. Your CMS must be flexible and scalable to adapt to different mediums and integrate into the various social media channels, chatbots, IoT devices and many more.

If you want to incorporate deep insights into your marketing campaign that studies and monitors customer behaviour, you have to partner with expert marketing channels. Your CMS must be flexible to partner with marketing automation tools, business intelligence tools, Google Analytics, and RSS.

  1. Advanced content management settings

As content workload grows, automation could be a great tool to ease the work pressure. Content management teams can leverage AI technology to automate routine tasks that are otherwise time-taking and labour-intensive.

In an enterprise, not everybody should have access and power to manage, edit, and optimise content. With an advanced CMS that has features of access control, versioning, and approval workflows, you can restrict or delegate control as and when you wish to.


Before implementing a new CMS, discuss with your content team, stakeholders and executives your vision and requirements. Take into account their input and do your market research. You must be clear on your concepts regarding the kind of CMS you want to incorporate into your enterprise. A powerful CMS ultimately leads to a great website experience that in turn, fetches greater returns & revenues.

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