WordPress Design Inspirations That Will Make You Go “WoW!”

WordPress Design

If you want your website to engage visitors and enjoy high conversions, you must take steps to make it more attractive. With so many websites around (in the same niche), you must create your website in a way so that it stands out and has a series of memorable things to offer.

This write-up will inform you about some wonderful WordPress Design tricks other websites have used to successfully engage users and increase conversions. You can take inspiration from those websites to improve the performance of your site.

The Magic of Liquid Nitrogen 

Have you ever experienced the magic created when liquid nitrogen is poured over a dessert? Such events are enough to lit up the eyes of everyone present at the restaurant. Ferox has extracted an everlasting effect from that magical moment. You will experience the magic of liquid nitrogen the moment you will step onto Ferox’s homepage. The repeating cinemograph makes the website look classy and increases the users’ curiosity about the offerings of the site.

Cinematic Videography 

It’s difficult to find people who don’t love movies. For most of us, one of the main reasons for watching movies is to experience the advanced filmography top directors come up with. Babord Group has decided to offer the same experience to people visiting their website. They are sharp enough to understand that it’s unlikely that people visiting their site will be able to ignore the charm of a perfectly cinematic header video.

The site’s header video is professionally shot and is backed by top-notch skill and art direction. If you want your website to be equally engaging, stop relying on stock videography. Create your own thing to ensure it offers exactly what your audience is looking for.

Teleport Your Audience 

The gaming world has moved to the next level in the past few years thanks to the advent of virtual reality (VR). Autron has made sure that its users can experience the splendour of VR from the moment they enter their site. The galactical stars and futuristic gradients used by the developers will teleport you to a new world. You can take inspiration from this to add some magic to your website.

Use Animation to Make Things More Exciting for Users 

Having an attractive homepage is a must to make a great first impression. So, don’t keep all the vibrant visual content that you would like to share with your users for the subpages. Incorporate them into the homepage, which gets maximum traffic irrespective of the industry you are operating in.

To enjoy great user flow and impressive conversion rates, add dynamic animation to the homepage. There should be movements in multiple directions covering the entire screen width. This will automatically enhance the user experience and end the time spent on the page on a high.

Show Cute and Cuddly Animals 

Animals can create a feeling of warmth. You must have seen how easily a cat or dog video goes viral. Use cinematic videography of cute and cuddly animals and allow the furry protagonists to become the main element of your website. You will see people spending more time on the site and experiencing a steep rise in your conversions.

Use Creative Illustrations 

Are you failing to describe the complex products or services you offer in words? If yes, you must know that you can beat this problem easily by being a bit creative with illustrations. To make that possible, you must find artists, who are talented and skilled enough to make the most uninteresting offerings appear appealing using their imagination.

Add Classy Photographs to Your Site 

High-quality photography can make the simplest of things look stunning. So, if you want your simple site to look special, you must ensure that you incorporate classy photograms into it. You can use stock photos or hire an experienced photographer to click some exclusive eye-catching photos of your products (or other offerings). The combination of classy photos, great videography, understated micro-interactions, and overlapping text can do wonders to your website and its performance.

Final Words 

You will have to work together with your web designer, graphic artists, photographers, and videographers, to implement the above tricks when designing your website. Hire reputable and experienced professionals to do the job for you if you want the results to be exciting.

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