How to Optimise UX Design for your eCommerce Store?

As more and more buyers turn to online portals for shopping, sellers are looking for innovative UX designs to lure customers. Your eCommerce website is the bridge between you and the customers. Every business is pursuing a single goal, to make its website easily accessible for the customers. A great UX design is a key to greater traffic and conversions. Many web design agencies in Melbourne offer amazing UX designs for a successful eCommerce website.

Role of design for eCommerce

When customers like something, they talk about it with each other. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool that helps brands earn trusted and genuine customers. A robust UX design has a huge part to play. A great eCommerce design must have the following elements:

  • Simple to operate
  • Strong branding
  • User privacy and security of data
  • High-quality visual elements
  • Data presentation via menus, catalogs, etc.
  • Options for users to leave a feedback
  • Correct and clear general and contact information about the concerned business
  • Design that supports the offers at the eCommerce store

We will now discuss the key UX Design elements that determine the success of your eCommerce store:

  1. Simple navigation

When customers land on your website, they must find the browsing experience seamless. Simple and concise interface, clear instructions, and no cumbersome designs. They must be quick to find what they are looking for and never end up searching at a dead end. If the navigation is tiring, they will abandon the website without completing the purchase and never revisit.

The search tool on your website must be useful and convenient. Group your products precisely and keep each item of your website well-organised. Design simple and easy-to-see tabs and menus. From the SEO aspect, a  simple, straightforward menu works well since it makes your homepage more organised and trustworthy.

  1. Killer Homepage

It takes 0.05 seconds for a user to decide or leave your website. You have to design a killer homepage to convince the user to stay in that short span. When planning an eCommerce design, ask your web designer in Melbourne to take special heed while designing the homepage. They must concentrate on the following aspects:

  • Company logo: Design your company logo unique, precise, clear, and attractive so that people take notice. Experts believe that your logo should occupy the top-left corner of the homepage for maximum visibility.
  • Make it easy to connect:Include chat box, email, or call-here buttons in a conspicuous position on your site. If customers browsing your website want to know more about your products they must find contact resources like chat boxes or email easily.
  • Home page footer: Utilise this space to offer information about your website, links, contact, social media accounts, FAQs, etc. The information must be readable and always remember o include your email address or phone number.
  1. Robust branding

Marketers must combine brand elements into their website’s UX design to create a great user experience on your website. Your web designing team in Melbourne will assist you to add your brand touchpoints in the UX design. Understand the user’s requirements and then align with your branding goals to understand which features will be usable and valuable.

  1. Visual elements

Visual elements work on the user’s subconscious mind and can leave a lasting impact. Colors, blocks, textures, fonts, and images together combine to form a type of visual communication with the audience. For example, you cannot design a funky textured website for a law firm. Look for experienced Melbourne designers who understand the art of visual communication.

Your font, colors, labelling, buttons, etc, must remain consistent throughout the website. Use high-quality visual content like images and videos and make good space of white space to make readability easy.

  1. Users’ Feedback and Review

Customers like to leave feedback about several aspects of your brand such as your website performance, customer service, or your products. This is your opportunity to connect and interact with customers and let them know you are willing to listen.


Exemplary UX Design help increase customer retention, increase traffic, conversions, and sales. Always hire the best Web design team in Melbourne to design your eCommerce store for maximum conversions and win trusted clients. Keep up with the latest industry trends and eye-catching designs to keep your website updated.

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