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Discover unparalleled web hosting capabilities with our, empowered by state-of-the-art servers equipped with advanced AMD EPYC™ processors.

These processors provide extraordinary processing strength, ensuring that your website operates at remarkable speeds.

This not only enhances the performance of your site but also promises a superior browsing experience for your audience.

Premier Hosting » VisualWeb
Is your hosting service located in Australia?

Yes, our hosting service is located in Australia.
Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

Yes. VisualWeb offers hosting for eCommerce website’s which is both reliable and secure.

Our servers are also hosted locally which will mean fast loading time, however it will depend on the size and and amount of products in the website 

In the context of web hosting, I/O speed refers to the rate at which data can be read from and written to the storage medium by the hosting server.

This performance metric is crucial for websites and applications that involve frequent database queries, file uploads and downloads, or any operation that requires accessing or storing data on the server’s disk.

The I/O speed in hosting environments can significantly affect the loading times of web pages, the performance of web applications, and the overall user experience. For example, a higher I/O speed means that a server can handle more simultaneous requests efficiently, leading to faster response times for users and smoother operation of dynamic sites and applications.

Hosting providers may offer different I/O speeds depending on the type of hosting plan (shared, VPS, dedicated) and the underlying storage technology (HDD vs. SSD). SSD-based hosting typically offers much higher I/O speeds compared to traditional HDDs due to SSDs’ faster data access times and better throughput. This difference makes SSD hosting a preferred choice for high-performance websites and applications.

I/O speed for hosting is usually measured in MB/s (megabytes per second) or IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second), with higher values indicating better performance. When choosing a hosting provider, it’s essential to consider the I/O speed they offer, especially if your website or application is resource-intensive or expects high traffic volumes.

A Dedicated IP address is a unique Internet Protocol (IP) address exclusively assigned to a single hosting account or domain, distinguishing it from the shared IP addresses that are commonly used by multiple websites on a shared hosting server. Here are key aspects and benefits of having a Dedicated IP:

  1. Stability and Reputation: Sharing an IP address with other websites, especially if one of those sites is involved in spamming or malicious activities, can negatively affect your site’s reputation and even result in your site being blacklisted by email providers or search engines. A Dedicated IP isolates your site and can help maintain its reputation.

  2. Access and Management: With a Dedicated IP, you can access your website using the IP address itself, which can be particularly useful for accessing the site when the domain name is not working. This is beneficial for site testing before going live or for direct access for maintenance purposes.

  3. Required for SSL Certificates: While this has become less of an issue with the advent of Server Name Indication (SNI) technology, some types of SSL certificates, especially older ones, require a Dedicated IP to ensure that secure connections (HTTPS) can be established. SSL certificates are crucial for encrypting data transmitted between the user’s browser and the website, providing a secure online experience.

  4. Email Deliverability: Having a Dedicated IP can improve email deliverability because the reputation of the IP address is exclusively tied to your own email sending practices. This means your email campaigns are less likely to be marked as spam if you maintain good email practices.

  5. Potential for Better Performance: While the performance benefit can vary, having a Dedicated IP might offer slight improvements in loading times and reliability since the traffic is not shared with other sites.

  6. SEO Impact: While having a Dedicated IP address is not a direct ranking factor for search engines like Google, the stability, security, and reliability it can provide indirectly support SEO efforts by ensuring that your site is always accessible and secure for visitors.

A Dedicated IP is particularly beneficial for businesses and websites that require a higher level of security, reliability, and control over their online presence. However, for many small websites and personal blogs, a shared IP address provided by shared hosting plans is often sufficient.

LiteSpeed is a high-performance, lightweight web server known for its efficiency and speed, designed as an alternative to the Apache web server. It’s compatible with Apache features, including .htaccess, mod_rewrite, and mod_security, making it a seamless replacement that can significantly improve website loading times and server response.

LiteSpeed is particularly effective in handling high traffic loads and reducing server load through its unique event-driven architecture. It also offers built-in support for server-level caching, which can dramatically speed up content delivery for dynamic websites like those powered by WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Due to its performance and scalability, LiteSpeed is widely used in shared hosting, virtual private servers (VPS), and dedicated server environments.


CloudLinux is an operating system based on Linux, specifically designed for shared hosting environments. Its main goal is to improve server stability, density, and security by isolating each tenant or hosting account in its own
Lightweight Virtualized Environment (LVE), a form of containerization. This isolation ensures that no single account can monopolize system resources (CPU, memory, I/O, etc.), thus preventing one user’s resource usage from impacting the performance of others on the same server. CloudLinux also provides tools for monitoring and managing resource usage, making it easier for hosting providers to control and allocate resources effectively. Additionally, it enhances security by providing multiple versions of PHP and the ability to secure older and vulnerable versions, protecting websites from common security threats.

Together, LiteSpeed and CloudLinux are a powerful combination for hosting providers, offering a robust platform that ensures high performance, reliability, and security for hosted websites, particularly in shared hosting environments where resource allocation and stability are critical concerns

Redis Object Cache refers to the use of Redis (Remote Dictionary Server) as an in-memory, key-value store to cache objects in web applications, enhancing their performance by reducing the load on databases and speeding up data retrieval. Redis is an open-source solution known for its speed and efficiency, supporting various data structures such as strings, hashes, lists, sets, and sorted sets with range queries, bitmaps, hyperloglogs, and geospatial indexes.When integrated with web applications, Redis Object Cache works by storing frequently accessed query results, such as database queries, computed data, or session states, in memory. This allows subsequent requests for the same data to be served much faster, as accessing data from memory is significantly quicker than retrieving it from a database. The cache is temporary and can be configured to expire after a certain period or when the memory limit is reached, at which point the oldest or least recently used items are purged to make space for new data.Redis Object Cache is particularly useful for dynamic content websites and applications that rely heavily on database operations. By reducing the number of direct database queries, it helps in decreasing page load times, improving user experience, and increasing the scalability of applications by handling higher volumes of requests with the same hardware resources.Implementing Redis Object Cache typically involves installing and configuring the Redis server and integrating it with the application through client libraries or plugins. Many content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal, and Magento offer plugins or modules to easily enable Redis caching, making it a popular choice for speeding up websites and reducing database load.
Is web hosting necessary?

In order to get a website active and live on the internet, you need hosting and domain. Web hosting is basically the space that you need on a web server to store your website files and the domain is to access the website from the browser.

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organisations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. 

This is an address that directs visitors to your website. You can purchase this from us or other providers online. 

Yes. You are free to shift to a different company. We will assist you to transition. 

Secure Sockets Layer is a standard technique applied to secure link between web browsers and web server. It adds “s” to http. 

Browsers are increasingly making SSL certificate a requirement; we recommend you to apply for it irrespective of the size and purpose of your website. 

DNS, or Domain Name System, is a system that makes it possible for you to type in a domain instead of an IP address. This system has been around since the early days of the internet and has been instrumental in making it easier for users to connect to a certain website without having to memorise the IP address. 

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