Conversions with Effective Product Page Design Tips

You could have the most compelling social media marketing campaigns. You still won’t get conversions for your e-commerce website, if you do not optimise your product pages. Your website pages are where the real action lies. When customers arrive at your website and return empty-handed, you need to work on improving your product page designs.

In this article, we will walk you through some interesting tips and ideas for enhancing your product page designs for conversions.

Let’s get going!

  1. Page loading speed

A KPMG report stated that most people prefer online shopping to physical shopping due to its time-saving factor and the access to shopping 24/7. Further, you tend to lose customers by 40% if your website does not load within 4 seconds.

Consumers are spoilt for choice. If you do not provide services, your competitor will. Hence, eCommerce websites and marketers must test and optimise their website pages from time to time. You can use Google’s  PageSpeeds Insights to check your page score from zero to 100.

  1. Interactive videos and images

High-quality images attract customers and play a pivotal role in influencing their purchase decisions. If a product’s features and strong points are optimally captured in an image or video, it will convince the customer and boost your conversions.

High-quality photos help

  • Customers understand the product better
  • Builds trust
  • create the right first impression
  • increase social sharing;
  • creates brand consistency

Photo shoots, however, are an expensive affair and require greater time consumption. eCommerce websites and brands must weigh the long-term benefits and never compromise on the picture quality of videos and images.

  1. Use popular psychology principles

The competition is tough. Companies are leveraging interesting tactics and strategies to lure customers. Psychology principles are one of the most effective tools that drive customers to your website.

Some popular psychology principles include:

  • Authority- Influence customer purchase decisions as celebrities are buying
  • Urgency- Using tactics of buying before it is too late
  • Scarcity- Sending messages and mailers that stay that the stocks are limited.
  • Social Proof- wanting to buy something as others are also purchasing
  • ReciprocityGiving something in return for getting something free

Harnessing the prowess of psychology principles could be a game-changer in improving traffic and increasing your website engagement.

  1. Customer reviews

There is no better promotional strategy than when your customers advocate your brand/product. A survey suggests that up to 95% of buyers read customers’ reviews before making a purchase. Also, conversion rates get a 270% boost when brands display customer reviews.

These figures reflect the importance of reviews from your brand advocates and customers. Not all customers will easily write reviews. You can encourage them by offering lucrative discounts and coupon codes through emails or offer them a reward program for every review they write. Companies must focus on advertising these customer reviews rather than themselves speaking about their product qualities.

  1. Clear call-to-action

Your CTA must answer the following three questions:

  • Is the CTA located high on my product page?
  • Is the CTA easy to find?
  • Does the CTA stand out conspicuously on the page?

On the following product page of SpyGuy, the only visible element is the ‘Add to cart button.

Conversions with Effective Product Page Design Tips » VisualWeb

The button is located just next to the product information and price. Customers can read the details and click the ‘add to cart button if they decide to buy the product.

  1. Focus on mobile conversions

If you want to boost conversions, you have to gear up your mobile conversion game. More and more people are using phones as a means of surfing the net, shopping and browsing social media, and so on. Your website product pages must be optimized for mobile usage. Your website must be responsive and function equally well on mobile, desktops, tablets, and so on. Slow loading times or awkward displays like big-size fonts are a no-no and immediately compel the user to leave the website.


The bottom line is clear. Brands must pay attention to the intricate details while designing product pages. Your website content must speak to the audience and help them understand your product. Every brand undertakes different strategies to create website product pages that boost conversions. Decide which design tips will you employ and use them to boost conversions.

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