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WordPress Maintenance Services

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Australian WordPress Support and Maintenance Service

With our WordPress maintenance plans, we offer the best deals for your website maintenance and optimization. You can rest assured that your website maintenance is in the best hands. It is secured against insecure attacks and fully backed up. And you can focus on your business while we take care of your WordPress website!


No more unwanted disruptions

Our WordPress support team will work hard to keep your website above everything.

Be confident about your platform

We know what it's like to be nervous about what might go wrong.

Professional support when you need it

Knowing that you can contact someone when you’re in a problem makes all the difference.

Very often small and aspiring websites and businesses find it difficult to maintain a website as well as take care of the day-to-day running of the business. They do not have the resources to set up an in-house maintenance and support team. On the other hand, if the website personnel takes care of all the services, they might not be able to discharge all duties efficiently. The result is a faulty website with slow speed, hosting issues, no proper support, and unhappy customers.

We believe in delivering elevated online experiences so that your clients keep coming back to you. And in turn, you trust us with our top-class WordPress Maintenance services. If you are interested in our WordPress website services, do get in touch with us.

Looking for more information regarding WordPress support and maintenance? Do get in touch with us.

Website Security

Theme and Plugin Updates

Support in Australia

WordPress Maintenance Services & Security Packages

WordPress Maintenance & Security plans from $32.95 a month.

WordPress Maintenance » VisualWeb

Your website is your biggest asset. We ensure that it runs smoothly and loads seamlessly.

Very often small and aspiring websites and businesses find it difficult to maintain a website as well as take care of the day-to-day running of the business.

We offer professional services for small, medium and large websites in Australia- In Quick Turnaround times

WordPress Maintenance » VisualWeb

Why Hire us?

We offer professional services for small, medium, and large websites in Australia- In Quick Turnaround times

Stay ahead of the competition

Once you hand over the website maintenance and servicing job to us, we will take care of the technical aspects. Meanwhile, you can concentrate on your business, gear up your competitive game, and focus on growth and expansion. As we keep updating you about the latest technologies, changes, and upgrades to the website. You can pass on all the positive information to your clients, winning their trust and recommendations to new customers.

Better website speed

Your website is your connection with your customers. If your website takes forever to load and function, they might get disheartened and leave the website. We run regular updates, optimal site speeds, and SEO improvements. This ensures that not only does your website load times, but it will also run at its maximum potential. Quick loading times are an essential element for search rankings. Your website will rank higher in SEO ranking and you will get easily discovered by potential clients. With our cost-effective plans, you will get trusted clients and better leads.

Website safety

Let’s face it, cyber attacks can be an unpleasant experience giving you sleepless nights. It hampers the smooth running of the website while putting the privacy and security of your system and consumer data at stake. We are an experienced team of web designers and developers with a proactive approach to security and quick fixes. With our monthly website support, regular security patch updates, and monitoring, we keep your website safe against hostile attacks and other security dangers.

Support Australia

We offer Australian customer support services to our clients. Our customer care executive will answer all your queries and get back with solutions as and when you need them. Unlike overseas services that take up several hours or in some cases an entire day due to time zone hassles, we are prompt with solutions. As we keep the website updates and backups in place, you are unlikely to face any major glitches. And if you do, we are just a click, call, or email away!

WordPress Maintenance Services

Your services are our top priority.

We understand your concern. You have organised all your resources to set up an online business or a website. You are worried about the website running smoothly. And yes, you do not want your customers to tell you that links are broken or the WordPress website is offline. Our experienced team members know what could go wrong. They take measures beforehand to prevent major glitches. Our WordPress maintenance service has relevant monitoring tools to keep your website running seamlessly.

We offer regular WordPress updates that ensure that your website is running smoothly without any roadblocks. These updates keep your website free from bugs and strengthen website privacy and security. We undertake regular security patch update installation and security tools updates. We also take care of outdated libraries and strengthen vulnerable points to prevent security attacks.

WordPress is evolving and introducing new technologies very frequently. We never miss any updates ranging from theme updates, core updates, plugin updates, and other regular tasks. Our web design team customizes services as per your website’s current requirements. We incorporate all the newest updates so that your website is more attractive, and friendly, and users enjoy a better experience.

The most important issue faced by a website is to keep the customer’s information intact and secure. WordPress is a secure website, however, without periodic updates and tweaks, your system might become vulnerable. You can relax as we take care of the security backups, firewalls, and updates so that your website does not face security vulnerabilities.

When it comes to content, we take pride in offering the best content management. From planning, creating, and posting relevant content at the correct times, we also keep improvising. We understand the customer’s needs for interesting and informative content and strive to deliver the best of services. If you do not like certain content or maintenance services, please feel free to let us know.

Whether it is the website interface or the quality of images or fonts, we will take care of it.

Frequently Asked Questions About WordPress Site Care Services

Why is Regular Site Care Crucial for WordPress Websites?

Consistent upkeep safeguards your website against potential security threats, assures harmonious functioning with newer software versions, boosts site performance, and enhances the overall user experience. 

For optimal security and functionality, it’s advised to update the WordPress core, themes and plugins promptly upon the release of new updates. Service plans typically offer updates on a monthly or weekly basis. 

Overlooking updates can expose your site to security risks, lead to compatibility problems, and diminish site performance. This neglect can progressively deteriorate your website’s efficiency and user interaction. 

Indeed, a majority of these services ensure periodic backups of your site. This is a critical safety net to swiftly recover your website in scenarios like data loss, cyber-attacks, or other unexpected events. 

Yes, an integral component of maintenance is fine-tuning your site for optimal speed, involving strategies like caching, streamlining images, and tidying up the database.

The investment varies based on the provider and the comprehensiveness of the service. Basic packages may start around $32 per month, with more extensive offerings commanding a higher fee. 

While self-maintenance is possible, it demands time, technical proficiency, and consistent dedication. Opting for a professional service guarantees thorough and efficient management of all maintenance aspects. 

Influence of WordPress Site Care on SEO?
Consistently maintaining your site, particularly focusing on enhancing site speed and ensuring all links are operational, has a favourable impact on your site’s SEO standing. Regular updates contribute to improved search engine visibility.

Our approach is to significantly reduce downtime during maintenance. Updates and backups are strategically planned for times when website traffic is low, aiming for the least possible impact on your site’s accessibility. 

Should your website encounter any unexpected downtime, our skilled team is prepared for rapid response and resolution, ensuring your site’s swift return to full functionality with minimal interruption. 

Recognising the uniqueness of each WordPress site, we offer customisable maintenance solutions tailored to meet your specific needs and aspirations. 

Our maintenance process includes meticulous testing for plugin compatibility, aimed at averting potential conflicts. Should any issues arise, we promptly address and rectify these to maintain seamless website operations. 

We offer adaptable service plans without binding long-term agreements. You have the freedom to discontinue your service at any point, and we provide complete support throughout the cancellation process. 

Our comprehensive maintenance service Business Pro are inclusive of WordPress-based e-commerce websites, ensuring they remain secure, up-to-date, and functioning at peak performance. 

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