Interactive Web Design Tactics That Convert Visitors To Customers

The impact of Covid-19 has been tremendous on the web design Melbourne e-commerce industry and in other cities. More users are spending time browsing the net and buying from online stores. This constant online engagement has reduced the concentration and attention span of users even more. To survive in the sea of internet shopping, eCommerce stores have to gear up their design strategies for a better digital presence.

Here are some interactive web design tactics that help in increasing conversions:

  1. Responsive layout

Most people these days use smartphones over desktops for browsing sites, making purchases, and so on. As screens are getting smaller, designers are opting for responsive designs that offer optimal user experience.

With smart TVs, gaming consoles, and more, enter the market, these are large-scale internet devices giving consumers larger-than-life experiences. Hence, web designers in Melbourne must offer the same experience n smaller screens, by designing responsive layouts.

  1. SEO-optimized website

All marketers and web designers are aware of the fact that a better SEO ranking brings more qualified traffic to the website. In short, people who are looking for your products and services will reach your website, in turn, giving better conversions.

To rank well on search engines like Google and Bing, web agencies in Melbourne must give special heed to the UX design. This implies quick loading times, a responsive website, attractive visuals, adding keywords to meta tags, etc.

  1. Easy and intuitive navigation

Sometimes a website is rich in features, loads quickly and has a responsive layout. But people still abandon it. What could be the reason?

Poor navigation-If potential customers do not enjoy the navigation experience, they will leave the site immediately, never to return. A cluttered website, improper designs and buttons, along with too many confusing instructions, all negatively impact the customers.

Web designers in Melbourne must craft intuitive designs that allow seamless browsing and a user-friendly experience.

  1. Trustworthy and transparent

It takes time for customers to bestow their trust in a brand. If businesses are honest and deal fairly with their customers, their credibility grows. A great way of showing how your customers trust you is by displaying testimonials, adding privacy trust seals, displaying a live Twitter feed etc, on your site

Loyal customers will advocate your brand, which will grow your website sales. You must also have transparent policies on your website. Our privacy policy, returns and exchange policy, and other details must be clearly outlined on the website.

  1. Call-to-action

Web designers in Melbourne are acquainted with the fact that call-to-action buttons are vital components in converting a visitor into a customer. However, many websites still ignore the importance of a clear and concise CTA. This harms their conversions.

When a web designer designs the UX designs of a website, CTAs must be well-taken care of. They must focus on essential elements of these buttons like size, colour, position, shape and text. The best websites display their CTAs in prominent locations, giving customers the option to convert or go to the next step.

  1. Social media presence

Melbourne web designers, digital marketers, and brands are designing robust social media strategies to make their presence felt on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other digital channels. Your website must have social media buttons on all relevant pages.

You can even add a Facebook link or social media plugins to reflect how many friends like your social media posts.

  1. Attractive web design

Clean designs, innovative ideas, and exemplary designs set apart a website from the rest. It is the first thing visitors notice. Customers like clean and minimal layouts, high-quality images and engaging videos, and of course, good speed and easy navigation. Make sure you incorporate all features while designing a website. The aesthetics of a website play a vital role in drawing the visitors’ attention to your website.


A high-converting website will always incorporate all the above features into its web design. There are several other elements like adding Google maps, offering all information about your line of business, and building strong customer support that is available 24/7.

As the mode and method of shopping are changing from generation to generation, web designers of Melbourne are adapting interactive web design tactics to lure visitors into purchases.

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