How Covid-19 has impacted Digital Transformation in 2022

Covid 19 has been a game-changer in the way companies do business. It accelerated the adoption of digital technologies by companies and this change is here to stay. As per the McKinsey Global Survey of executives, their companies have adopted digital technologies for their customer and supply-chain interactions as well as their internal operations by 3 to 4 years ahead of its time.

Most companies recognize the importance of time as a primary reason for the digitalisation of businesses. They are hiring the best web design services in Melbourne to develop user-friendly websites with advanced technology.

Here are some key changes that have been seen in the business scenario:

  1. Greater importance to technology

When the pandemic struck, most businesses had to change their business models and switch to digitalisation. According to research conducted by Mckinsey, their companies adopted digital changes 20-25 times faster than they would have expected.

Digital technology, which was previously a second-line tool for the business, had now become a priority. From marketing services and products to sell them on their online portal and offering customer support, every business transaction now involves the use of technology.

  1. 2. Better benefits to employees

When the world had shut down owing to the pandemic, most employees worked from home. As remote working has become a norm in the present scenario, greater emphasis is being given to the employee’s comfort as it directly impacts their satisfaction in the work environment. Companies have to consider the challenges of working in a virtual environment and strive to offer a great working environment to their employees.

  1. More emphasis on better customer experience

Brands have to pay attention to the level of services they offer their customers. The better the experience offered, the greater will be the rate of conversion. For this, it is not sufficient to have just technology in place. They must employ advanced technology and hire the services of an experienced web designer. An efficient web designing agency in Melbourne will design an intuitive website that offers the customer an elevated user experience. A modern yet concise interface, seamless browsing along with easy-to-use buy buttons, colours and font, these elements impact the user experience in a big way. Brands must incorporate user-friendly human-centred designs to ensure customer retention.

  1. Streamlined technology services

With the massive technology at its disposal, brands must ascertain what software and digital services they have at their disposal. Any unnecessary and overlapping services and their corresponding costs should be done away with. Assess why your business has invested in multiple technology services. After an evaluation, reduce your investment and remove the unwanted services.

Your aim must be to create streamlined services to create a unified experience for the business.  Conferencing software, hosting platforms, apps to track customer experiences, marketing tools, and other important forms of software should be carefully selected for operating seamlessly.

  1. Cybersecurity

With the greater use of digital technologies, the use of a robust cybersecurity system holds prime importance for companies. There is a mammoth amount of information on the web regarding customers, it is important to safeguard all critical information. Companies have realised the importance of cybersecurity spending. Web agencies in Australia have elevated their cybersecurity software to provide greater security services to businesses.


Digital technology has become a prime component of business, not just for its cost-effectiveness, but for several other factors. The internet has enabled businesses to reach customers in the remote corners of the globe, without any need for physical contact. The digital world has enabled companies to interact with a remote workforce. They collaborate using video conferences with their colleagues, and clients while working from home offices. Hire the most competent web design services in Melbourne to incorporate advanced digital and automation services into the workplace.

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