Your Website Is Not Converting – Here are 6 Brutal Truths You Need To Hear

You have developed an ingenious product that is likely to help many people with their specific needs. You have also put your products on your eCommerce website, waiting to be sold out. However, after some time you find that your sales have been underwhelming.

Underwhelming sales can discourage you and lead you to lose confidence in your offerings. However, the problem might not be with the product but the way it is being presented online.

Common Mistakes that you Might be Making

If your website is unable to convert viewers into buyers, then it is time you made some changes in your tactics.

Here are 6 things that you are doing wrong which is limiting your customer conversion rate:

1) Unnecessary Use of Call to Action

If your eCommerce website doesn’t have tons of products in dozens of categories, you should employ the minimum amount of call to action (CTA). Ideally, your web pages should not have more than two calls to action.

Some examples of catchy CTAs that have proven to be effective are as follows:

  • Join free for a month
  • Subscribe
  • Call us today
  • Buy now
  • Get started

Strategically placing a strong CTA is important to increase the rate of conversion. Aim to place one effective CTA at the top right-hand corner of your website. Repeat the same by placing one on the middle page. Ensure using the same style and colour for the CTA.

It is crucial to not waste the viewer’s attention with unnecessary Calls to Action. Too many CTAs can become annoying for the visitor, which might lead them to leave the website without buying anything.

2) Your website is Off-Target

You are already losing if you have a generic website that aims to cater for everyone. A general website with a lack of specific aims can end up isolating your entire audience. Therefore, it is essential to know your target audience.

Maybe you are focusing on the wrong audience, or perhaps you are including a demographic size larger than you should be. Whatever your case is, flawed targeting can negatively affect the conversion rate of your website.

You should emphasise on making your branding and marketing speak directly to your niche demographic. Conducting market research can benefit you to achieve accurate targeting.

3) You Have a Slow Website

You lose more visitors if your website does not function smoothly. On average, visitors spend around 10-20 seconds on a website before leaving it. This means if your website’s loading speed is sluggish, you can lose several potential customers.

Some factors that can be causing slow website speed are:

  • Messy coding
  • Unoptimised images
  • Broken links
  • Your site is not optimised for mobile devices

You can use analytical tools such as Page Speed Insights to check the loading speed of your eCommerce website. If the loading speed exceeds 3 seconds, it is recommended that you take action to decrease the time taken

4) Your Branding is Unappealing

Having unattractive branding is a sure shot way for underwhelming conversion rates and ultimately, loss of revenue. Most brands try to cut corners when it comes to the branding of their products. This is a wrong line of thought, one which can potentially isolate the potential of your offerings.

You should focus on making your branding campaign strong on all ends. Everything from the brand logo to the colour scheme used should be on point and inviting. You should also work with professional designers who have experience helping eCommerce businesses.

5) Your eCommerce Website Provides an Unsatisfactory Mobile Experience

Everyone always has their phone with them. Thus, if your website is unstable on mobile devices, you are likely to lose a lot of potential customers. Your website should be optimised specifically for mobile users, otherwise a vast portion of the customers will be marginalised.

You should make it a point to test your mobile site frequently and correct any issues. This will result in a flawless experience for mobile users that will directly increase the conversion rate on your website.

6) Your Claims are Over the Top

Overenthusiastic marketers can end up making claims that are simply absurd. These “too good to be true” claims can be repulsive for several visitors. Therefore, you should make sure to not make any bold claims that cannot be justified.

Thoroughly evaluate your branding claims to ensure that your message is in line with your offerings to sound authentic to interested customers.

Final Words

It is common for businesses to convert views into revenue. However, by making some changes to your website and marketing strategies, you can increase the conversion rate and ultimately your sales.

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