Why Google Business Profile( Formally Google My Business) Page Is Important For Your Local Business

A Google Business Profile is no longer an option for business. Businesses need to appear higher in the Google search rankings to get noticed by potential clients. COVID-19 has changed many business dynamics. Along with building a strong social media presence, businesses must optimize their search rankings. While developing your website, a brand must ensure that their web design agency in Melbourne gets the website listed on the Google Business profile.

As per Google, 46% of all searches are conducted for local intent and most local searches are looking for the business location.

Google Business Profile can combine search rankings with marketing tactics so that local vendors can draw the maximum benefit by appearing on Google searches.

What is Google Business Profile?

Business owners and marketers can register their business on Google Search and Google Maps. It displays your vital business details like the name of the business, address, hours of operation, contact information, website address, and so on. Businesses must double-check all information before posting it as this is how a potential client will contact you. All information must be updated and correct.

Start by creating your Google Business Profile which is complete with all your data information. You can do so by either claiming your page or creating a new one and then verifying it. This is an essential local SEO strategy. Once the listing is complete, customers can easily find you, place orders, or even leave reviews for other users browsing the web.

If you are having trouble listing in the GBP, you can contact our web design team in Melbourne for assistance.

How To Optimise Google Business Profile?

Once you have set up your GBP page, optimize it by filling in all the details. When people find your business online, they click on your business and look for further details. With the competitive business landscape, it is very easy to bleed customers if your basic information is not accurate.

Write a good description relevant to your business and add keywords where possible. You can even add posts to your GBP listing. You just have o follow instructions to create a new post. Thereafter, you will be able to upload an image and write up to 300 words of text or an event title, which should include the start/end date. These posts expire in 7 days. You can periodically update posts, images and videos to make your GBP more engaging.

Customers can add their reviews to your GBP page. Reviews are social proof of your brand and increase your visibility and outreach. Good or bad, you must respond to every review. This makes the customer feel important and they develop a trust in your brand. Reviews also give you an understanding of your customers’ choices. You can update, improvise and improve your business services as per the customer’s liking.

Why you must use Google Business Profile for marketing

Your Google Business profile increases your visibility on the web. Say you are a local ice-cream parlour, catering to your vicinity, listed on Google Business Profile. So the next time when users search for your products or services within your locality, your Google Business Profile page will be displayed among the listings. The information from your page will be shown in the following three different places:

When someone searches for a product or service locally, Google displays the first three listings as Google Adwords advertisements, followed by a map with the Local 3-pack, followed by the organic results.

Google Business Profile


The Local 3-pack consists of the top 3 local businesses adhering to the searcher’s location. With a GBP listing, a potential customer directly reaches your shop without even visiting your business website. The once inclusive 7-pack is now limited to only three local listings hence the title 3-pack. Hence a complete and updated GBP can boost a business’s SEO ranking and bring it to the top of the search results.

The GBP listing also gives customers an overview of your business setting an immediate first impression as they can view your business’s essential info listed on the right-hand side of the screen. The google map integration makes it easier for the client to locate your address.


‘About 60% of smartphone users contacted businesses directly through the GMB interface using the “click to call” option’- Google report

The COVID-19 situation brought GBP into the spotlight. These are unpredictable times when health orders from the authorities are issued from time to time. Businesses have to convey the change of working hours and other information to the clients timely. This is where GBP is very useful. For businesses can convey the changes to their website design team in Melbourne and they will update and optimize your GBP listing.

When you change the business hours on your GBP page, it reflects on your GBP profile immediately. The GMB panel has become the first point of contact between you and your clients. Use it to its maximum advantage for better visibility and engagement.

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