5 eCommerce Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

eCommerce has boomed during the pandemic and has now become the most convenient means for shopping for customers from wherever they are. For the success of an eCommerce website, elements like design, marketing and customer experience must be paid close attention to. And all these three elements have to be in sync.

Imagine you have the most attractively designed website, but no one is viewing it. Then what is the point? Your web designing agency in Melbourne must have a great marketing strategy as well as an intuitively designed website. If you offer a poor customer experience in the form of slow loading pages, ill-functioning buttons, or a poor browsing experience, the customer will be left confused and impatient.

Here are some common mistakes to avoid in an eCommerce website design:

  1. Poor-quality images

On an eCommerce portal, images hold prime importance. If your customers do not like what they see, they will not buy it. You must have a good assortment of your product images from all angles. They must compel the potential customer to have a second look and inquire more about the product.

  1. Inadequate customer support

A customer undertakes a journey on your website while looking for the right products or services. Robust customer support ensures that the journey is effortless and smooth. If your eCommerce app does not have good customer support that immediately answers all queries and woes, your sales will suffer. Customers often abandon the website halfway through the purchase process if they are not well-attended. Brands are incorporating AI chatbots and Live chats to offer quick assistance and help.

  1. Boring visuals and branding

Dull marketing campaigns and visuals are an absolute no. Your website is your opportunity to showcase your brand positively and vibrantly. You can hire professional web designing services in Melbourne that make your brand stand out among others. Your marketing campaigns can consist of simple and clean designs yet high-effective and memorable.

An expert web designer in Melbourne will know exactly how to make your website designs striking and appealing. Your brand must speak to the audience and generate their trust and loyalty for future sales.

  1. Not enough CTAs

Brands use CTAs to lead customers where they want them to. You can use them to follow you on social media, direct them to your website, more sales and discount options, blog reading, and much more. These simple-looking buttons are a very effective marketing strategy and can significantly boost conversions.

If you do not use CTAs or do not know how to place them strategically, you might lose engagement and conversions.

  1. Content strategy

Businesses make the mistake of generating low-quality content. This could largely hurt your brand credibility. Unique, creative and compelling content will align with your audience and largely help with customer retention.


To understand what users want, try surfing different eCommerce websites. It will give you a fair idea about the customer’s journey and how brands can improve it. One of the best bets is hiring an experienced  Melbourne web designing team that understands the user’s requirements and designs the eCommerce website accordingly.

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