How to Implement Conversion Rate Optimisation Techniques On Your Website Immediately

Most marketing teams today are focused on increasing the traffic that goes through the website to gain a steady stream of customers. However, that is only the first step in the process.

Getting more out of the traffic an eCommerce business can put the company on a trajectory for sustainable, long-term growth. This is where Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) becomes essential.

However, before jumping to CRO, it is vital to understand what conversion rate is and what constitutes a good one.

What is a Conversion Rate?

The percentage of viewers who finish the desired action, such as buying a product or signing up for a membership is called the conversion rate.

A significant conversion rate denotes that your website is smartly-designed, formatted strategically and appeals to your targeted customers. On the other hand, an underwhelming conversion rate is the result of factors such as slow loading time, confusing navigation, broken forms, et cetera.

Importance of a Good Conversion Rate

A good conversion rate brings the company a steady stream of loyal customers. If the company wishes to sustain and grow in the future, it is vital that it enjoys a good conversion rate.

Conversion Rate Optimisation- Strategies that Work

Here are some CRO tactics that you can apply to your eCommerce business to increase sales and revenue:

1) Harness the Power of AI- Chat Bots

Speed is essential when it comes to converting interested visitors into engaging clients.

Implementing chatbots directly enhances the level of customer service that you can provide to potential customers. These AI-backed bots are best suited for answering general questions that customers might have or simply guiding them across the website with ease.

Integrating chatbots and AI in general should be at the top of your list of to-dos for your eCommerce website.

2) Provide More Social Proof

The majority of your visitors read client testimonials to get an overview of the level of services that you provide.

An estimated 77% of the users have claimed that they go through testimonials before making a decision of their own. You can use this to your advantage by including authentic social proof that highlights your business values and services.

Social proof is an impactful way of winning the trust of hesitant visitors.

3) Assess the Speed of your Website

The speed of your website is arguably the most crucial aspect when it comes to converting sceptical visitors into impressed customers. A slow website loses customers and ultimately stagnates your growth as a business.

To ensure that your visitors remain engaged on your website, you need to work on building a website that functions swiftly.

To monitor the performance of your website, you can use several tools such as PageSpeed Insights.

4) Consider Adding an Internal Site Search

A site search on your website enhances the user experience of the visitors by offering them a way to navigate around the website swiftly.

Having a search box will also offer you valuable insights into what people are searching for and optimize your website accordingly.

If you do not have a search box yet, it might be time to invest in one.

5) Regular User Testing

Sub-par usability kills the enthusiasm of potential customers. An approximate 70% of online businesses fail to prosper owing to poor usability.

Therefore, it is essential that you are committed to improving the design and overall flow of the website to better suit the needs of the user. Regularly testing your website is key to pinpointing errors and improving upon them.

6) User-Friendly Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are impactful when it comes to improving the conversion rate. However, there is a fine line between pop-ups that work and pop-ups that repulse viewers.

The pop-ups you use on your website should be respecting the rules of UX design and that is it should not be overwhelming. Ensure that your pop-ups are precise, fast and easy to work with.

Wrapping Up

In this era of information, running an eCommerce business can prove to be a fruitful endeavour. Aspiring entrepreneurs should be mindful of the concept of conversion rates in eCommerce to make the most of the traffic their online presence enjoys.

With a clear-cut understanding of conversion rates and how to boost them, online businesses drastically improve their chances of succeeding.

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