Why Does Your Website Need an SSL Certificate?

How often have you seen Google’s chrome browser displaying the message ‘Not secure’ in the address bar next to the website’s name?

It simply means that the website is not secured with an SSL Certificate and there is no guarantee of the user’s privacy or personal data security. Many users close the website after seeing this message as they want to browse safe websites. Melbourne web agency designers ensure that your website has an SSL Certificate to secure t from digital bugs and worms.

What is an SSL Certificate?

The SSL Certificate is a digital document that prevents security breaches on your website. The certificate provides you with a secondary authentication as the PKI (public key infrastructure). It facilitates sending information only to the respective server and data cannot be accessed from any other device on the same server.

The document verifies the credentials such as the certificate holder, their serial number, and expiry date along with the signature of the certificate-issuing authority. With the 2017 announcement by Google that it will flag websites that do not have an SSL Certificate, this digital document has become even more important.

Here are the top reasons why your website must have an SSL Certificate:

  1. Secure payments

If you run an eCommerce portal or your website will conduct financial transactions, you will accept online credit cards. In this case, you must establish a merchant account and, that will require an SSL Certificate. With an SSL Certificate, you can be assured about the safety of your customer’s credit card information when they are shopping on your website.

In addition, many web hosting companies( eg. GoDaddy) make it mandatory to exhibit an SSL certificate before websites can accept credit cards.

  1. Password security

Also, if any of your website pages are password protected, you must add an SSL Certificate to your website. This adds a protective layer to the administrative password login for database-driven websites like WordPress or Joomla. A poorly password-protected page gives access to bots and hackers. This compromises the security of all your website pages.

  1. Secure web forms

Many websites do not involve credit card transactions. They require users to fill out forms about their demographics like name, age, address, occupation, and more. If your website is not protected via an SSL certificate, the forms can be intercepted. Your clients will not want all this information leaked to outside parties who can misuse the data to their advantage.

If you are working with proficient web designers in Melbourne, they will ensure that your web forms are secured with an SSL Certificate.

  1. Improves Search Engine Ranking

To ensure a safe and secure environment for users surfing the web, Google gives preference to websites with an SSL certificate. It improves the SEO ranking for websites with an SSL certificate. HTTPS is a huge SEO parameter where the S stands for SSL certification. SEO is a major concern for websites in this competitive arena, as it greatly improves the visibility of the brand and visitors can easily locate the websites with better ranking. Therefore, you must get an SSL certificate as soon as you get a website designed. Speak to your web agency in Melbourne regarding the same.

  1. SSL certification improves the user experience

HTTPS makes your websites load a lot faster, thereby improving the website’s performance. As website loading speed is an important consideration for Google SEO ranking, it improves search engine optimization and you offer your customers a better user experience. If the website loads quickly, the customer does not abandon the website and tends to spend greater time surfing.

If your website is SSL secured, the customers get assured of the privacy and security of their payment information. As customers confidently browse your website and make payments in a secure environment, it boosts your traffic and sales.

  1. Improves brand value

By getting an SSL Certificate for your website you can encrypt all data that is moving to and fro from your website. This could include sensitive information like personal details, credit card information, bank account number and other financial details. If your website has an SSL Certificate, it simply reflects on your customers that you are concerned about their personal security and financial details. This helps in winning the respect and trust of your customers. They advocate your brand to others, thereby increasing your brand credibility and improving customer engagement.


A Secure Sockets layer certification has become a mandatory step that no web designer in Melbourne must skip. If you do not have an SSL Certificate, many clients and parties will deny doing business with you. Hence if you want a competitive edge over other businesses and do not want to lose out on business, do get an SSL Certificate for your website.

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