A Complete Checklist Of Things To Do Before Launching Your Website

The big day is right around the corner. Your website is ready to launch. Even with ample expertise and experience, launching a website is a strenuous task. Every little detail has to be rechecked to avoid the last-minute issue.

At VisualWeb, we are a team of well-trained web designers in Melbourne. We present our very own checklist of things to do before the final launch.

Hope this is helpful!

  1. Review every detail

Start by reviewing the content of your website. Evaluate and assess your content strategy to ensure that it draws your audience’s attention. You can proofread your page and other website content,  review the keyword strategy, and ensure that the graphics are loading speedily. Images and videos must be optimised and labelled properly.

Quality content draws the audience towards you and elevates you from the rest of the league.

  1. Responsive design

Next is the design aspect of the website. Your website must be completely responsive and should look good on all browsers and across all devices. Test your website on different devices like laptops, desktops, mobile devices, and tablets. Your content must be easy to read, even on a smartphone. Navigation must be a breeze and buttons should have proper spacing.

Ensure that your website runs smoothly on all devices and has no delayed loading problems. Website responsiveness is a big ranking factor in Google search results. You can use Google’s tool, Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to test these features. To ensure that the website has a responsive design, speak to your website design agency in Melbourne to convey your design ideas.

  1. Check all functionalities

There must be several functionality features to attract potential customers and retain the existing ones. This includes some or all elements such as lead generation forms, email list signups, comments, discount coupon codes, and social sharing. If any of these functions do not work properly, it compels users to leave the site in haste. Functionality also includes internal and external links, so always check their workability before the launch. Also, optimize your website to ensure that the loading speed is quick.

If your website has to accept payments, do a checklist of each step of the payment, the modes, downloads, sign-ups, shopping cart functions, payment processing, email notifications, page redirects, links, and so on.

  1. Ensure that your SSL Certificate works

Secure Sockets Layer Certificate (SSL) validates your website’s identity and protects your visitors’ data such as credit card details from attackers. While all websites can have this certification, it is particularly useful for eCommerce websites that involve monetary transactions.SSL certification is free, and if you do not generate it for your website, it will be labelled as ‘not secure’.

Once your SSL certificate is in place, you can re-route all your website’s traffic through HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). We recommend following Google’s guidelines for enabling HTTPS for complete guidance.

Many websites, depending upon their niche, require different types of certifications for smooth functioning. Check with your web agency in Melbourne for the list of certifications that will be needed so that you are prepared before the launch. An experienced web design team will be ready with all the required certifications before the website is launched.

  1. Set up a robust back-up

A good backup system can be a lifesaver that can restore your website in case the worst scenario happens. In case of any malware threats, you can still rest assured as data copies are being created and stored. You can back up your site in several ways. You can copy and download files manually, use a third-party service, or do it through your web host. Having a backup will assure you that data will not be lost even if there is a threat to the website.

  1. Integrate and Analytics Solution

Every website aims to increase traffic and achieve better sales, services and trusted clientele. Website analytics has now become an essential digital marketing tool as it helps analyse the website visitors’ information. This includes traffic, behaviour, demographic data, and much more. Without an analytics tool, you can never be sure of your customer behaviour, likes, preferences and movement. You might know that your website is getting traffic, but you cannot monitor, or get any insights into what your visitors are doing and where they’re coming from.

By carefully studying your user analytics, you can decide the future course of marketing strategies. There are a lot of analytics platforms to choose from, but we recommend using Google analytics.


So, this was our checklist of things to do before the big day launch!

Designing, developing and successfully launching a website is indeed a challenging task. However, if you perform a thorough check on every aspect of the usability, functionality, analytics, content management, backup, SEO, and other intricate details helps you streamline the process well. the onus is on your web design team in Melbourne on how smoothly they conduct the pre-launch checklist process.

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