How A Good Website Design Influences Customer Behaviour

Your website is the first experience that a customer has with your brand. A great website design is a key to directing customers to your brand and ensuring that they are retained. There are many variables to achieving a successful website design. Only a competent web design agency in Melbourne can understand a brand’s goals and design user-friendly websites.

So here is your chance o make an incredible first impression!

Hire the industry’s best website designers in Melbourne to create an outstanding website. Your website design compels customers to perceive you in a certain way. If they ‘feel’ positive about visiting your website, your website traffic is bound to increase.

Let’s check out how you can use a good website design to influence customer behaviour:

  1. A professional website design

A good website decision should make the buyer’s purchase decision, and thereafter the purchase process easier. The website must ensure a seamless browsing experience. There must not be too many elements displayed all at once to confuse the buyer. Our web designers in Melbourne have the skill set to design intuitive websites that are optimised to increase traffic.

If you are crunched on budget and cannot hire the services of a professional design agency, there are several other options available. You can find many website builders and DIY tools that will guide you through the process. However, web agencies in Melbourne hire experienced professionals who are trained to design high-quality websites. DIY website tools cannot match the expertise and creativity of our website designer in Melbourne.

In an eCommerce website, the payment and checkout system should be a breeze. The more convenient your payment system is, the lesser the chances of an abandoned cart.

  1. Responsive designs

Your website must work effortlessly on all gadgets. Many people access websites while travelling using their mobile devices. Your potential buyer’s browsing experience must be equally great on all devices. Some apps work seamlessly on desktops but the images and fonts look distorted on mobile devices. This is a losing strategy for brands and marketers.

Google gives preference to websites that are optimized for smaller screens. A Melbourne website design that is optimised for different screen sizes enjoys a better SEO ranking.

A responsive website has two-fold advantages. People like browsing on an optimised website as it offers a better experience. Otherwise, they might leave and visit other websites. Also, as SEO rankings are higher, your website will give better credibility and earn the trust of its audience.

  1. Unique and creative

A psychologically-conscious design of your website can impact the influence you have over your visitors’ mindset. Design psychology involves employing certain design practices to subtly influence the audience’s behaviour. With user focus and patience decreasing substantially, marketers have to keep evolving. Your visitor will get bored of the same old design and website content.

Keep updating your website with novel information and unique blog topics that retains the user’s interest. What is your USP? Identify your strong areas and ensure that your audience’s attention does not get lost. Place CTAs at important junctions so that readers know what to do next. Select the right colours and fonts to adding value to your CTA buttons. Do not let your audience get tired of your website.

Your web design agency in Melbourne can help you get ahead of your competitors by instilling some novel ideas. You can exude a human side of your brand and add voices to images. Adding a human face or voice to the customer care chat helps build the audience’s trust. They will relate better to your brand and come back for more assistance.

  1. Value proposition

A high SEO ranking will bring customers to your website. From thereon, how they stay and make a purchase at your website depends solely on the experience that they get. From high-quality intuitive designs to exemplary content, your readers must enjoy surfing your website.

The customer must feel that the experience has been created solely for them. Businesses must interact with customers to maintain trust and familiarity. The audience identifies brands with certain elements like logo, colour scheme, and fonts. If you keep changing your website design, your buyers may no longer be able to relate to you. If your web design team in Melbourne fails to keep the audience interested in your website, they might never return.


If your website is poorly designed, even the best quality content or SEO tactics cannot save it from sinking. Your website design significantly impacts your buyer’s purchase decision. Conduct good research before starting the web design. It is best to hire the services of a top web agency in Melbourne that understands the target audience and their behaviour. They will design a website that aligns well with your future goals and the customers’ needs.


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