How Long Does It Take To Build A Website In 2022?

To establish a great online presence, companies must focus on building a quality website. A website developer in Melbourne requires skills, experience, creativity, and time to build a relevant website. It is certainly not a process that needs to be rushed.

In this article, we will walk you through the steps of building a website, offering details on how long should the process take and the costs involved:

  1. Selection of a web agency

Start by looking for a web agency in Melbourne that delivers the project within your budget and timeline. It should also understand your goals, brand’s style and vision. Check their previous work, and client reviews, and when you are fully convinced, go ahead with the best web developers who will ensure the reliability, functionality, and usability of your website.

  1. Planning-Set your goals

Your website developers will consult you regarding the action plan they are designing. You must review the action plan and see whether they align with your vision. There are some important queries to be solved:

Purpose of the website– Are you looking for an eCommerce portal, or do you want your website to be information-rich? Your vision for creating your website must be clear and well addressed to the developer.

Content– Good quality is a major factor in SEO ranking. Website content includes text, blog posts, and headers to images, videos, and animations. Plan out what pages you want your website to include. Ensure that you have a solid structural and content plan. Once the content pages are planned,  building your website will be a breeze!

Functionality– Customer satisfaction is the key to attracting traffic to your website and ranking well in online search results. If you want your website to be functional, you must determine exactly what functions and actions your website needs to perform.

You could add several functionalities like CTAs, exciting animations, parallax scrolling, and pop-ups.

You could keep the functions simple by including a few landing pages that take the customer to the desired location.

Branding – Branding includes all elements like your company name, logo, fonts, colors, and tone of voice used to define your product and services uniquely.  Thereafter incorporate these elements across your website.

  1. Design mockups and feedback

Design mock-ups are the best replicas of the finished website. These are also known as wireframes and they give an exact estimation of how the various elements like text, images, and buttons will appear on your website. You can also determine the general scale of these elements. If you’re hiring a web developer in Melbourne to create your website pages, ask them to first show you a mockup of each one.

At this stage, give your Melbourne web developers detailed feedback. If you don’t like the design or aren’t sure where an element or image is placed, express your views. As this is just a mockup design, all kinds of changes are possible at this stage.

  1. Development

This is the stage where the actual development of the website takes place. Your website designer in Melbourne will gather all the inputs from you, take the approved mockup design and turn it into a fully functional website. The time taken to build a website depends upon the number of pages, and complexity, which could take anywhere between 1-2 months.

Website designers in Melbourne should specify timelines. They must take into account any unforeseen circumstances that may delay the development process. During this stage, your designer will stay in touch and update you about the progress. If they come across roadblocks that delay the project, they must inform you immediately.

Some hindrances at the budding stage of development are better than discovering loopholes later. Many times, the entire website is taken offline because of an issue that was not attended to on priority.

  1. Review and testing

Your website is ready! After design, development, and multiple rounds of testing, the website design team in Melbourne will send it to you for review and revision. You can evaluate the website and check whether it meets all your business goals and aspirations. Is the design and interface to your liking? Are the font sizes correct? Are all the purchase buttons working perfectly? There are several other queries and yardsticks on which you would like to weigh your website. This review process may take 1-2 weeks before you give your website designers a go-ahead.


Hiring experienced website designers in Melbourne will cost you greater expenses and a period of 5-6 months. There are many DIY development websites where businesses can design their website. This takes 1-2 weeks and involves much lesser costs.

The result of hiring a website design agency in Melbourne, will, however, prove worth spending on the investment. A customized responsive website will simplify the buying experience for customers. It will establish your credibility as a reputed entity. Brands and marketers can reap long-term benefits with a well-designed website that offers a brilliant user experience!

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