Web Design Meets Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4

GA4 or Google Analytics 4 was Google’s answer to privacy concerns, the need for user-centric events and better collection of data and strong Machine learning models. This Google marketing tool offers the solution to the privacy concerns by account holders that have led to the complete restriction of Cookies by several browsers.

The new Google analytics tool includes incredible features like expanded predictive insights, deeper integration with Google Ads, cross-device measurement capabilities and more granular data controls.  Many experienced web agencies in Melbourne are incorporating the GA4 features in websites as it will help marketers and businesses make better and more informed marketing strategies.

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What is the purpose of Google analytics?

Analytics enable website owners to determine how many users are visiting their website. Moreover, it also helps them ascertain whether the users find the content engaging to return in the future. The two segments of concern for Google Analytics are New Users and Returning Users.

What is the purpose of third-party cookies?

Third-party cookies are created by domains other than the one you are visiting directly, for cross-site tracking, retargeting and ad-serving. Third-party cookies are useful to consumers as they create advertisements in line with individual interests. Once third-party cookies are phased out, online advertisements might revert to contextual advertisements. They will be targeted to certain demographics based on the content of the website being visited.

The biggest issues with third-party cookies are the continuous invasion of customer privacy and the hassles of regulatory scrutiny.  These cookies collect mammoth amounts of personal data from the end-users that are traded in the digital advertising world. This personal data ranges from individual IP addresses, search and browser history, private information about health, sexuality, family, political convictions, religious beliefs and much more.

How Google Analytics 4 comes to the rescue

In a crux, though useful, third-party cookies are all set to be phased out. The user’s privacy is compromised and traded so that marketing agencies can further elevate their marketing skills. On the other hand, with 1.8 billion Google user accounts, Google has a high chance of recognizing users across browsers and devices.

With the integration between Google Signals and GA4, your GA4 property can leverage Google’s ability to identify users who visit your website or app several times from different devices and browsers (ad personalisation must be enabled), even when they are not logged in or are browsing from a different browser.

What makes the new AI-powered Google Analytics 4 a Game changer

The new insights and predictions offered by Google Analytics 4 can automatically inform brands/marketers about data trends such as surging demand for a product they sell. GA4 can also predict outcomes, such as churn rates and the potential revenue a business could earn from a particular segment of customers.

These insights help marketers draw their plans backwards. They can estimate the next move that their customers might in the future and focus on higher-value audiences. As an icing on the cake, Google Analytics 4 will report on actions from YouTube engaged views that occur in-app as well as on the web. Seasoned marketers and web design agencies in Melbourne are already working on this Google marketing tool.


As cookies are on the verge of extinction, businesses must set up their GA4 accounts to enable Google’s Machine Learning to learn about your user behaviour. These ML tools can help businesses and marketers identify their conversion paths. The “Life Cycle Report” is one of the biggest changes in Analytics and focuses on the user journey.

Have you set up the New Google Analytics 4 property for your website? If not, do consult your web designers in Melbourne on how to set up a new Google Analytics 4 property or to learn more about using data for a professional digital marketing strategy.

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