Top Web Design Trends to Lookout for in 2022

Your website’s first browsing experience can be pivotal in engaging customers as regular loyal clients. A seamless interface not just eases the buying experience, it will fetch huge profits for your online store. This is the reason traders and businesses look for ways to create a top-notch design website that can successfully engage and retain consumers.

While designing a website, a great customer experience is a foremost factor to be kept in mind. Do incorporate the following design details so that your website stands out in the sea of competition.

Top Web Design Trends in 2022:

  1. An advanced search tool

Designed well, the search wizard can truly become the magic wand that helps customers find what they are looking for. Consumers find it tedious to click drop-down lists and browse pages to locate their desired pages/items/services. Hence, you must ensure that your product finder is an advanced tool that can scan, analyse, produce and display all the search results quickly in real-time.

Also, a dynamic and competent search tool starts pulling out results as soon as the consumer types the first three characters. This reduces the consumer’s hassle of typing the complete product name.

The latest trend of the huge array of filter functions makes it easy for the consumer to pick and select only the options they are looking for. You could also experiment with fun and innovative ways of filtering products that leave the user impressed.

  1. Homepage navigation features

With navigation being the main agenda, many websites are focusing on the menu. You can push your creativity for highlighting the navigation menu through visual attraction, selecting attractive color schemes and characteristic fonts.

A megamenu precisely lists all the significant products of the website in different categories and subsets. With a concise megamenu, visitors can easily navigate the prominent products of the website. This feature elevates the user’s browsing experience and makes it convenient for them to search for products. Businesses can add icons and pictures to make navigation easier. This feature must be mobile-responsive for better user engagement.

Carousal slides enable traders to display their best-selling products and promotions to attract the user’s eye. They lead the potential customer directly to the product page saving their time and effort. This is beneficial to the eCommerce store as it increases the chances of conversion. Your carousel slides must be well-designed to lure the customer into clicking and checking out the respective promotion.

  1. Efficient communication with the prospective audience

Keep your client base updated with the latest offers, upcoming range of products and the discounts offered across the website. You can do this through social media marketing, emails, and pop-up newsletters. Always reply to your customer queries and complaints, a move that reflects your interests in the customers’ woes. For an instant solution to consumer queries, invest in an online support chat at the website for prompt replies.

Newsletters are an effective means of communication with clients and loyal customers. Many unregistered users convert to customers if they see an attractive deal in the newsletter. You can design your newsletters as personalized as you want them to be, creating a means of communication to establish a trusted bond with your customers.

  1. Product comparison tool

When making a product choice, the greatest dilemma that users have is the final selection of products. Which product is the best? Or, which one configures to all required parameters?

In such cases, being equipped with a comparison tool eases the decision-making process and makes the choice process hassle-free. With a comparison tool, users will be able to analyse products on several parameters and make the most relevant choice.

  1. Injecting product features into your web design

Do we not identify websites/eCommerce stores by our favorite brands. Taking this idea further, products have become the artistic heroes of a design appearing right at the places a potential consumer will notice them. They can be used to add structure to the layout or can be added as a cut-and-paste to the background. Some prominent product designs and colors can be used to define the design and typography of the entire site.

  1. Neutral color schemes

Yes, neutral shades are making a comeback with light, bright, and bouncy shades. Pale white backgrounds are passe, instead, people prefer light tones like hues of greys, browns, and pinks, offering a soft visual appeal to the user. The one big advantage of soft pale backdrops is that they keep the attention focussed on the main products, like the product photos and visuals.

Pastels pops are very much in vogue as pastel tones are associated with positive and happy feelings. These tones develop happy feelings in the onlookers and work wonders in developing a loving and trusted bond between the client and the website/brand. Pastels complement minimalistic designs and keep the design structure of the webpage light to keep the focus on the main products.


Web design trends that are a perfect fusion of aesthetic taste and pop culture have paved their way into the design trends for the upcoming year. The idea behind these trending web designs in 2022 is to retain the customer’s attention by directing him towards the products that he is searching for. With the rapid surge in digital marketing and online shopping in recent times, novel and innovative design trends that offer an exemplary user experience are stealing the show.

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