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When you want to make a delible online presence backed by meticulous planning, select a reliable web hosting control panel. While operating one or two servers, it is easy to manage them manually. However, when professionals have to deal with administering and controlling hundreds and thousands of servers, a reliable web hosting control panel is the right option.

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Looking for a seamless interface that manages your servers and websites with ease? Your search ends here.

Introducing DirectAdmin, a trusted web hosting control panel that controls the administration and management of websites through a web-based interface. It has excellent features and options for webmasters, developers, and resellers to easily manage a VPS or a dedicated server, all over the globe.

Similar to cPanel, DirectAdmin can run perfectly under Linux and is compatible with several versions of CloudLinuxRed HatCentOSFedora CoreRed Hat Enterprise Linux, FreeBSDUbuntu and Debian. It does not support windows-based operating systems.

Operating since 2003, under a proprietary license from JBMC Software, DirectAdmin has slowly gained immense popularity and become one of the most widely used web hosting control panels. Direct Admin was developed to simplify the day-to-day tasks of webmasters, especially those with little to no previous experience.

Why DirectAdmin?

DirectAdmin is functional in 130+ countries around the globe with 1400+ new features being introduced for users since its day of commencement. Offering the most sophisticated solutions, DirectAdmin can be customised for your personal needs. Enjoy the multilingual interface and install your choice of language, with just a few clicks. Their friendly customer care service is available to users 24/7. Come, be a part of the DirectAdmin community!!!

Our happy customers prefer DirectAdmin for

  • Ease of use
  • Programmed for high speeds
  • Stability and ability to automatically recover after a crash
  • High-quality support
  • Affordable pricing with flexible licensing options

DirectAdmin Installation requires the following specifications:
Processor: 500 MHz
Memory: 1 GB (2 GB is preferred), with at least 2 GB of swap memory
HDD Space: minimal 2 GB free space (after the Linux install)

DirectAdmin 1.62x- The new release

The 1.61.5 release is the latest version of the DirectAdmin from the series of 1.62x.

This new release features the Automatic SSL Certificate generation. Once your DNS points to the DA box, the certificate will be generated on its next retry. The DirectAdmin now supports quicker page loads with its HTTP/2 connections via a “Go” wrapper. And the Evolution dark mode means that users can access the DA at night without added strain on the eyes.

The latest version of the new Pro-Pack features includes some amazing features:

These new features provide added benefits:

  • CGroups for per-user resource limits
  • User-selectable nginx templates
  • Redis
  • Admin SSL management
  • Nginx UNIT support
  • E-Mail Tracking

DirectAdmin is committed to providing better and more advanced features with every release. The upcoming features include a Pro Pack- GIT manager that will aid in managing remote and local GIT repositories in DirectAdmin.

Features of DirectAdmin

DirectAdmin developers have designed the control panel keeping the end-user in mind.

There are three access levels, each has its set of features. There are some general features of DirectAdmin as well.

Administrator Features

  • Create and modify admins and resellers quickly and easily
  • Creating predefined reseller packages without manually setting each account feature
  • Showing all users on the system with various sorting options
  • DNS administration to create, modify or delete any DNS records
  • IP Manager to allocate the IP address to the server and the resellers
  • Mail Queue administration
  • System/services Info
  • Complete usage statistics allowing the admin a complete overview of the system
  • DNS Clustering
  • Spam fighting tools in DirectAdmin
  • Licensing and updates

Reseller Features

  • Create, list, delete and modify accounts quickly and easily
  • Creating predefined user packages
  • Reseller statistics offer a complete overview of their usage
  • Resellers can quickly send messages to all users
  • Import and manage skins
  • IP assignment
  • System/services information
  • Name servers- creating personalized names for customer servers

User Features

  • Email administration where users can create, monitor and block mail by domain, keyword and size. Email Manager also contains extensive settings for email filtering, and the partnership with Spam Assassin will ensure no spamming.
  • FTP Management- creating accounts and setting directory permissions
  • DNS, Statistics, Subdomains Menu
  • File manager and MySQL Databases
  • Site backup, Error pages, directory password pages, advanced tools, and PHP selector

General Features

  • Integrated Ticket Support System that offers better customer service with ease.
  • Two-factor authentication intensifies security against outside breaches.
  • Completely customizable, from new interfaces to other ‘skin’ options that give your business a novel look
  • Plugins and Live Updates
  • Automatic recovery from crashes
  • Support to customers using site-helpers

As we see, the platform is lightweight and simple to operate, and affordable to install. Moreover, when it comes to system requirements, it does not burden the server. However, are these the only benefits of DirectAdmin, and are they enough to replace your old and trusted web hosting platform?

Benefits of DirectAdmin

DA is constantly striving to improve its features and launch better and more advanced upgrades than its previous versions. Here are the amazing benefits of installing DirectAdmin include:

  1. Excellent GUI

If you are looking for a simple interface that simplifies work and eases the task of selecting the numerous features and options, DirectAdmin is your pick. The features are precise, well-defined and easy to select from. There are three well-explained access levels and three main branches namely the Account Manager, Email Manager, and Additional Features.

Users have access to the admin control, file manager, site helper and much more according to the level assigned to them. Everything is laid out on one screen so that you can easily browse the control panel. This way DA users find it less overwhelming, especially the new users.

  1. Cost-effective subscription plans

With the tough competition in the market, the affordable pricing of DirectAdmin makes it an affordable and preferred choice among users. Prices of cPanel and Plesk are already exorbitant and DirectAdmin offers a great web hosting solution at affordable pricing.

  1. The support center

DirectAdmin users have access to the support at the website, while also getting direct assistance from the technicians of the web hosting service. The site-helper support walks the user through all the aspects of installation and functionality. The support center has a community forum, helpdesk, knowledge base, technical documents, and general contacts sections so that you can get good support from the web control panel when needed.

Users on the Lite and Standard plans have access to the integrated ticketing system. With this huge data of knowledge of DirectAdmin and its operations – you can get help straight from the source.

  1. Crash recovery

We all look forward to securing systems that are automated to recover data when a system crash occurs. In case of a sudden breakdown, DirectAdmin tries to restart the system and recover your data. In case this does not help, the system sends an emergency notification to the webmaster who thereby takes action in due course.

  1. Email manager

The Email Manager at DA handles all your business communication with your domain name. The web hosting solution offers wonderful options for autoresponders and vacation messages. Email Manager also contains extensive settings for email filtering, and the partnership with SpamAssassin so that spam messages do not flood your inboxes.

  1. Two-factor authentication

All DirectAdmin clients are required to use the two-factor authentication that requires a time-based code from a mobile app. This feature takes the security measures of the web hosting panel to another level and ensures that no one apart from the account holders has access to the system.

  1. The all ‘new’ evolution theme

The DirectAdmin control panel is now out with the evolution theme that features a new grid layout and an attractive interface. The dark mode offers seamless browsing during the dark hours of the day and the grid layout enables cPanel users to easily switch over to the DA system. For user users, the evolution theme is the default option to make navigation and use easier.

The Evolution sidebar layout provides a contemporary and concise look with quick navigation features. The classic top menu layout is equally sophisticated. Minimalist and versatile, evolution offers a great layout for all its users.

The Evolution skin is available to administrators and resellers along with its 3 layouts. Users can log into DirectAdmin and by clicking on the Skin Manager link that can be found under Reseller Tools.

The ‘change’ is here – DirectAdmin for everyone!

With a plethora of customisable features that you can use to the advantage of your business needs, DirectAdmin steps in to offer you cutting-edge technologies in the evolving web hosting scenario. The custom skin layout enables you to customise your interface to give your hosting company a novel look.

The choice of pricing options is flexible to suit different categories of companies. DirectAdmin specifies the minimum system requirements so that you can configure your system accordingly before installation. The interface has a modern layout and the browsing is convenient. And if this is not all, our team of DirectAdmin technicians are always at your service for support and guidance.

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