How often should I redesign my website?

How often should I redesign my website? If you have landed this page it means you have experienced some negative changes in your business due to an old website. Your current website is the reason and will remain the reason for your business to go upward or downward. Regular traffic on the website means you have a good amount of visitors on the site, however; when the traffic suddenly decreases on your website, it is time to redesign the website. The question that most people have in their minds is how do I know if it is time for a website redesign?

Let’s consider a simple example, before we switch to the factors and elements of website redesigning. We know that time is an important factor for us all and the same is applicable for the visitors too. Your visitors won’t have the patience and time to spend on the same stuff that your website displays on their every visit. They will quickly shift to another company for a change. This example can put you at major risks of online business. Consider this a true and live example that most businesses have experienced.

Remember, we are discussing re-designing which may not necessarily mean changing the whole website or revamping the whole look. For a typical company that has good visitors everyday, revamping the website every 18 to 30 months would be a wise thing to do. Major brands and mid to large-scale organizations can wait up to 3 years before they plan to revamp.

You may notice that your site is going downwards to responses. If your website is not being as responsive as it was, treat it as an alarm. However, if your resources are limited and your website is responsive, then you can wait for 5 to 8 years.

Amidst all the above, there is one thing above all – Content! Content is the king for the audience and they look up to it. A website with good content can outrun any design. Regardless of the audience and business, a well-designed website can save you from a lot of negative sides of the business.

It looks and feels old:

Most businesses invest in website re-designing not just because the re-designing was advised by the SEO experts, but, because they are themselves bored of the same. Check the look and feel of your current website. Take it like your property where you invite people as your guests. How would you want the people to react after looking at your property? You want people to complete its design, structure, interiors, décor, and other details. It is the same with your website too! Your website is the virtual address that describes you and your business to a mass audience! Thus, re-vamping is always a healthy option to attract more guests every day.

Solves an issue:

Another reason why people redesign their website is to tackle a challenge or situation in business. Let’s take the most basic example of COVID-19. Amidst the pandemic when the whole world was in lockdown mode, few e-commerce giants shifted business to delivering essentials only. This change in the mode of business made an urge to revamp the website and APP making it more user-friendly for the customers and solve their challenges of ordering basic commodities. Makes sense, isn’t it? Thus, renewal or re-designing may not always relate to the age of the website, but, also the present scenario of the market.

Something’s not right!

One more reason to look at is a challenge that doesn’t seem to resolve. For instance, a glitch in the website, the speed, or the site doesn’t seem to perform well at all. It could be due to heavy images, limited speed, or less storage space on the website. In some cases, the website, experts will ask you to shift to a new website altogether that gives you a fresh look and efficient functioning. Also, if the functions look too complicated for the users making it less user-friendly, it will be necessary that you let your website go for a redesign. Regular checks and tests on the website will help you with a solution to this.

Future planning for business:

New product launch or service, change in business plans, expansion of business, shifting to new business, etc.… are other factors why most businesses consider a website-redesign. It could either be re-designing of a small section, category or change in a major portion of the website. These factors may vary from business to business and it won’t be fair to comment on a generic period for the website re-design under such scenarios. However, re-designing will happen, surely for business changes.

SEO Expert advice the change:

SEO experts are life-saviours for any business. They have a constant check on the website performance and will suggest you go for a redesign accordingly. SEO experts with the help of SEO tools analyse the traffic, speed, response, and conversions on the website. Based on the SEO report, you will be able to understand the necessary changes to the design as well as the content of your web page.


A website redesign can help you design the whole future of your business. Remember what we stated in the article, your website is a virtual business card that invites guests to land and spend some time with you. Take the support of a good website designing company and understand the possibilities from the above content that demands a change in your current website.

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