5 fundamental reasons why businesses need to maintain their websites

1) To help stop your customers shopping elsewhere

Picture this, a potential customer has heard about you and they like you, in fact, they’re almost ready to buy from you, so they head online to search you, only to find your website has crashed… they refresh their screen a few times but the error is still there. Well, they had a go. They’re moving on to something else. You didn’t even know your site went down! How could you? You’re busy managing a company. That could have been avoided if your site had been regularly maintained by our professional WordPress site developers.

2) To prevent your site from getting hacked

Hacking, we’ve all heard about it and you probably think it couldn’t happen to you, ‘who would want to hack into your website…?’ Well, the answer would probably scare you. Imagine that one of your customers has signed up to receive a free quote from you, or subscribe to your newsletter and your website gets hacked – next minute, your customers are receiving all sorts of spam… they email you to find out what’s going on but you don’t get their emails because the hackers have taken control of that too. Not a great customer experience… Online cybercrime is a huge problem and one thing you can do to ensure the safety of your business and your customers is to keep your site maintained by our expert team.

3) To keep your business on the web

Ever heard of an SSL? An SS what… you’re probably thinking. It’s a little must-have that all websites need in order to run online. To make it super easy for businesses, these critters (formally known as an SSL certificate) expire – and you probably won’t even know if yours is coming up for expiration or if it already has… (cya later). If you’re an eCommerce business you’re at even more risk of this happening to you, and when it does, an error simply appears in place of your website when customers search your business – off to the competition they go. This can all be stopped by ensuring your website is maintained by our trained team.

4) To maintain your professionalism and appeal

Black Friday and Mad Monday are two dates all online shoppers have marked on their calendar because that’s when bargains are rife and they’re ready to shop! Their disappointment is fierce when the website they’re trying to buy from isn’t working properly because it’s overloaded and running so sloooowwww… Even if you’re business isn’t selling products online, your customers still expect your website to be reliable and functioning – that means words, pictures and videos download properly, download quickly and work, no matter what time of the day or night it is. Ongoing maintenance ensures your website is always working and is up to the standard you and your customers expect.

5) To save you money in the long run

If your website fails to comply with safety standards, such as protecting your customer’s information, it can cost you – big time. Not to mention all the little fixes that will need to be had along the way if your plugins aren’t updated, or bugs and viruses get in, or the software used becomes outdated and no longer works. If your website just simply doesn’t perform and you’re not there when your customers need you, or you are, but not at the standard they expect, they will go elsewhere and so too will their consumer dollar – not fair, right?! Looking after your business comes in many forms and this is one of them… website maintenance is an investment and one that is sure to pay off.

At VisualWeb, we’re with you long after we build your website:

  • Around the clock security monitoring providing 24/7 protection against viruses, bugs, malware and hackers.
  • Regular plugin updates, code optimisation and continual strengthening of potential vulnerabilities whilst overcoming any compatibility issues.
  • Frequent reporting and backing up to ensure constant functioning, safely, securely and speedily.
  • Ongoing support and real-time monitoring to ensure constant performance reduced gaps and adaptability to the latest WordPress technology.

All that for less than $1.50 a day.

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