Why Should You Use Customised Design Instead of Templates?

Why Should You Use Customised Design Instead of Templates?

Once you realise the importance of a website and decide to invest in one, the main decision follows. Are you going to hire a professional designer or use templates? It is a common issue for startups who want to improve their services and increase their profit margins. You must also ask yourself why you should pay someone again, there is a quicker and cheaper DIY method? The business sector is very competitive, largely because of globalisation. Therefore, in order to compete favourably and maintain market positions, nothing in your design, structure, and marketing techniques should be poor quality.

However, businesses have different goals, hence different approaches. It is therefore important to understand the features of the two methods with respect to your business objectives and goals. Just like when you visit a store, you have to compare products before purchasing.

Template Design

This is a DIY yourself website development technique. There are many options in this regard. The popular site for developing a website with no background in web development is WordPress. You simply create an account with WordPress and go to apply a theme for a new website. WordPress has thousands of themes that can be Customised; each theme integrates with specialized tools to perform basic website functions. It is more like a drag and drop activity. Some themes have enhanced features, which you have to purchase while others are free for basic website appearance and functionality.

Other DIY yourself options provide extra services like e-commerce and hosting. You will have to purchase these services and learn basics of development if you need to integrate such services. However, most of the services in template website design are free. The themes have all the necessary tools for a basic website function and appearance. This can be a good start if you are a start-up because it is quick, cheap, and easy.


Less expensive

Template website design if more of plug and play. Anyone can build a website in a few hours with this option. For small businesses and startups, this is the most suitable option because there is need to spend as little on expenses and focus on building the business. Also, such business structures have access to less capital, which makes them limited on investment options. If you are running a start-up, template design guarantees you a website up and running in a few hours. The fact that it requires less or no skill, it is less expensive.

Simple Design

With templates, there is no flexibility in changing layouts. You can play around with the font type and colours, but the background and design will remain the same. If you have no specifics in design, this is your best option.


Limited Customization

If the nature of your business requires constant updates and changes basing on market needs, then templates will be disappointing. Template designs never change, unless you create numerous websites, which is not an option at all.

Custom Design

With this option, you have to hire a professional developer to create a website that fits your business goals. Developers take time to understand your business needs and integrate them into the website. SEO practices, among other online advertising techniques are integrated to such websites.

If you are thinking of going big in your business industry, then this is your only option. You do not have to spend time fixing themes and interchanging templates the end up with frustration. With custom website designs, it is not like a business card; it communicates with clients. Visitors on the site are able to engage with your business support centre. Although entrepreneurs should be creative and risk takers, you should be wise when making decisions in a competitive market. Do not waste your time on building templates when you should be focusing on launching and branding a product. Obviously, you will have to part with a considerable amount of money to hire a professional website developer, which is worth it.


Unique design

Be sure not to come across any similar website. This option allows you to own a website, the colours, photos, themes, and design are all unique. Actually, you have endless options when it comes to custom website design. You can easily communicate with clients by demonstrating the company culture and tradition with the design of your website. Custom design, website gives you a chance to make an incredible and striking first impression to people visiting the site; in fact, you can woe clients with the design. Be sure to engage your developer on this and you will realize positive results in no time.

Scalability and Flexibility

The business industry is dynamic and you may constantly need to change the structure and design of your website to match market trends and customer preferences. Be sure to keep contacts of your developer for future use in case you need an enhancement. Same design and colours may become boring over time; while you should establish a brand that can easily be identified, change is crucial for business. It is refreshing and translates to sales.


Takes time

Custom websites focus on specific of your business. Such sites are also adaptable to changing business environments. Therefore, it takes a longer time, at least 12 weeks, to come up with a unique site that addresses your needs.


The initial cost is high compared to template design. However, in long term custom website proves to be a cheaper option.

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