Why a Professionally Built Website is so Crucial in 2021

I still speak to business owners who either don’t prioritise their online properties and assets or have completely forget about them.


By all means, if you don’t post to Twitter, don’t use it.

But a sales tool so powerful it has changed the way we do business today not being apart of your toolkit comes across as pretty close to mental.

Why do you need a website in 2021?

      It’s 2021?!?!

Look, don’t get me wrong, I love the old fashioned word of mouth and good customer service to grow a business. I simply just don’t think that’ll cut the mustard in today’s day and age.

But seriously. There are many benefits to having a website developer or designer build you a new website to be hosted online. 

I see hundreds of reasons why but today we’re going to touch on my top 5, let me know in the comments what you think.

Are you really seen as a competitor in 2021 if you aren’t online?

This question is highly dependant on your target market, but let’s assume they’re 25-65. The PC was first invented in 1975 but normalised around 1981. That means anyone 39 and younger has lived their entire lives with computers.

63.6 per cent of consumers say they are likely to check online reviews on Google before visiting a business.

So, let me phrase this question to you:

If your competitors are online, driving more customers to their website (basically a sales rep), covered in reviews and reasons to buy, how will you compete? You can’t. 

You’re no longer a serious player in the game as you’re competitors out-rank and out-flank you in this scenario.  

If you want to eventually scale your lead generation (highly likely word of mouth), you won’t be able to. Here’s Why:

Our clients utilise their website assets on social media and search engines like Google. This allows them to generate interest and prospects outside their circle. 

Once they figure out how to obtain a client and how cost-effective it is, they can scale their businesses leads or online transactions to meet their revenue goals.

Sure, you can broaden your social circle. But scaling as you would with Google Ads or Facebook is two different ball games. Facebook reaches millions of customers daily for its advertisers, can you?

“But my industry doesn’t use the internet to find their suppliers”

I hear something like this all the time and it drives me insane. 75% of B2B buyers stated their website searches seriously impacted their decision when it came to sales time. 

The average B2B buyer now makes roughly 12 searches before making a decision.  

Everybody is online now so there is absolutely no reason for you not to be.

Fourth, is because it’s how we make money! Just kidding 

The ones who lead the pack normally lead the pack online first

This could be a chicken or the egg argument, but I strongly believe that the pack leaders (that electrician that has 30 vans in your area), were early investors of digital marketing and website development.

I tried to dig up some statistics or an article without success, so if you have anything post it below, please! This being said I have spoken with a few I would deem to be market leaders and they are of an age where nobody believed in the online space.

They invested and saw unbelievable gains from web design and early-adopting Google Ads. 

Without a website, you waste so much time. Let me explain:

A website hosts content, right? This content is not only there to explain your service or product, but also sell it, manage it, quote on it, answer questions about it, you get the gist. 

Website’s don’t just contain information like “what we do”. How amazing would it feel if those same FAQ’s didn’t come up with every single client? This is because you have a page on your website covering the customer’s concerns from step 1. 

This article could be endless, from automation to growing the empire you’ve always dreamt of. Website design has many purposes and it’s not just to “be online”. 

Shifting our view on what a website is, and why it’s there will also help us into the future when technology rapidly expands into our lives. Get ready, and don’t get left behind! We won’t wait. 

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