Don’t Have a Website in 2020?

Websites have existed for several decades in the business industry. Although the development of social media in 2009 has threatened the existence of a website, it still features as a professional and acceptable platform for business. Web development has become much easier with freebie web hosting that allows people barely with a technology background to develop a website on their own. Most of the free building sites are integrated with drag and drop the component to help in the easy and fast building of a website.

Nevertheless, there are a significant number of entrepreneurs in small scale businesses and startups that think a website is not necessary. Such people think social media is equal to websites; while we appreciate the fact that social media is an effective marketing tool with respect to reaching out to a huge population in a few minutes, it cannot replace a website’s role in business.

Most of these entrepreneurs don’t use computers regularly, hence think it is the same with their customers. For startups, they assume hiring a professional to develop a website is an unnecessary expenditure. While these can be viable reasons, they still don’t explain why you should miss a website. Of course, you can get clients from Facebook; however, it is important to note that the only way to grow your business is by establishing a professionally designed website.

Here is why your business needs a professional website


The world is now a global village; if you are only targeting local consumers, then you are lagging miles behind. People are constantly spending time online searching for information and comparing products and prices of different brands. If you do not have a website for clients to refer, they will automatically land on your competitor’s site. You simply do not exist in the market.

Besides, a website gives your business a professional image; it earns credibility. A professional website demonstrates the confidence and legitimacy of a business company. No one wants to gamble with their money on a shoddy website or incomplete site.

Some entrepreneurs, especially in small-scale industry, decide to use a freebie website to build on their own. While this is better than no website at all, a DIY does not achieve the credibility element. 

Saves you money

In the long-term, you will spend low on advertising and marketing as compared to the use of newspapers and other media channels. Do not be clouded by the initial investment in paying a professional to develop and design your business a website. While it may be high in the first instance, you can’t compare its results to the use of traditional techniques of advertising. Professional website designer ensures your site is optimized and structured to professional standards that attract users. Professionalism sells; therefore, it is important to set up a professional website other than using traditional techniques in marketing.

The potential market, you can reach with a website cannot be compared to social media platforms, radios or other platforms. If you are still thinking of a DIY website, better drop the idea because it will cost you more in the long term. It won’t take long and you will be searching for a professional to either upgrade or optimize your site. The cost will be higher than if you would approach a professional from the start.

Updates Customers

A website functions like a brochure or catalogue; only that it is available online. Customers can easily access information about products and services on a website without physically visiting the business offices. It is easier for your business to update information concerning promotions and events that involve the public through a website than printing brochures and posters. First, printing is tedious; if you make a mistake you have to repeat the whole package, which makes it costly. Also, printing is an outdated method considering consumers are across the world, hence impractical to send the materials across the world.

Websites not only help in updating customers and increasing convenience, but also integrates with other social platforms like YouTube, eBooks, and Podcasts to provide extensive services. Depending on the nature of your business, you can provide online classes, workshops, and courses. This information can also be shared through social media platforms to get to a wider audience.

Always Accessible

A website is not limited by time; customers enjoy the flexibility of access to information as well as products and services 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days in a year. Whether the store is closed or open, orders can be sent through the website. Consumers can also engage customer support through the website on a 24-hour basis through chat platforms. Websites increase the flexibility of your business services irrespective of the location of a consumer; time zone is not a factor when using a professional website for your business.

This is only a tip of goodies for your business with a professional website.

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