Designing Awesome Home Page Designs

You do not have to be a skilled website designer to create an awesome homepage. All you need is to grasp the basic rules of attracting and retaining customers to your initial home page. It is easy to give up thinking it is complicated, but we are here to encourage you. It can be as logical and systematic as possible for even non-designers to learn or copy. We will give you a guide on how to create an awesome home page design.

Effective Home Page Layouts

Planning for an effective home page layout will help you figure out relevant content. You will be able to identify where to place which content should precede the rest. You will not just randomly place content that you can think of on the page. Do not design the content according to how you feel that morning or simply arrange an abstract of concepts. Instead, follow a guide on how you will direct your visitors in their needs. It should be crafted to address the target audience you need to address.

First Impressions Matter

If it is your first page ever to design, you still do not have to worry. Note that your home page is the first thing a visitor will get in contact. It is their first impression of your website, which will determine whether they stay read on or leave immediately. Focus on making that first impressions matter the most. Your home page is the pacesetter because it creates the tone of business instantly.

Like in real life, a customer care representative in a business premise guides you to navigate the store. They direct you to where exactly you need to find whatever you need to save you the time. You are always glad you met a customer care representative, especially in new places. A visitor to your website is like a prospective customer who walked into your business. The home page acts like the customer care representative who knows exactly the location of their needs.

Customer Care Home Page Design

Treat your visitors with the same kind of courtesy and politeness you experience at a store with a customer care agent. Let them experience the same level of feeling they would in a physical store or office. No one wants to struggle looking for information or a product location. Without you or a physical agent to walk them through your website, you need to create a page that will act as efficiently as you would in person. Ask yourself; “how will I direct my visitors to their required information in my absence?”. Only an effective layout design will substitute your physical guidance.

An effective layout design is one that creates a visual trail for visitors to follow. It effectively guides them to discover more information about the services and products you offer without effort. It should make it easy to direct them to where they need to proceed with their transactions and other steps.

Here are four crucial points to note;

  1. The Title

To address the main question on every visitor’s mind with your title. The first line or two should address what your company does. Make it as short as possible, but mostly clear in its description of what you do. A good title is one that answers the question in brevity. Let the reader identify immediately with the title. The content you choose to make up the title should be simple and easy to understand. Avoid complicated words that need deliberation from visitors. It should also be attractive but not fancy in its message.

  1. The Subtitle

The subtitle should help you define your services and products in short. It should address the question of whether it solves the visitors’ problem. One phrase is enough to give the relevance of what you offer. Let the visitors find your product needful to their condition in a simple statement. The content in the subtitle, just like the title, should be short and precise to the point.

  1. The Call to Action

Tell your visitors what they need to do after they are convinced they need your product. You have begun the process of directing them towards the next step. It may be as simple us “call us now” or “click here for more information”. The visitors will recognize most call-to-action statements because it is a common thing done daily today. You may also use graphical signs just like in our daily life on the roads and buildings.

It is crucial to keep guiding your visitors. Never assume they are supposed to figure out what to do next. You need them to follow your guidance and always expect a next step. Do not shy away from explaining anything helpful. Like in real life; you expect your host in a restaurant to guide you until you are satisfied.  Remember that these instructions help you to engage them actively, which builds a good relationship.

  1. Use Video

Research reveals that video content attracts most visitors. Most people prefer video content to reading through text on the Internet. Give them a reason to stick around and learn from the video content. Make a short video that is exciting to watch. It should also be quality and creative. Most importantly let it relay your message, which is easily understandable. Use this opportunity to create a welcoming attitude that will make them like you by displaying a good relatable personality.

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