Creative Ideas for Your Web Design

Whether you want to create a website from scratch or from a template, it is important to be innovative. This is the only way to compete favourably with rising competition. Be above the rest of the curve by making your website unique and attractive. Creativity goes beyond the use of attractive colours and navigation styles. It constitutes skill and talent to make an original design that is unique to the rest. This does not mean you should not copy ideas from other designs. Always check out your competitors as well as a wide variety of websites dealing with different stuff just to gain knowledge of the trends.

You need to know the latest expectations that arise from trends. Demand is defined by the currents products and marketing styles. We have some tips on how to create an ideal design that will stand out from the rest.

Simple colour schemes

Hot designs should not necessarily be exaggerated and complicated. You may achieve elegance and trendy designs just from the simplest of colour schemes. For example, use primary monochromatic colours and an extra vibrant accent colour to match.

We all have the urge to splash colour on your websites to attract the viewers. The truth is most times, those bright colours are distinctive and may not keep people long enough on your website to see what you offer. Relaxing colours are better. You have probably the over use of blue and green. This is because they are cool colours that are comfortable to the eyes. Bright colours on the other hand, may be attractive and bring excitement, but visitors will quickly develop worn out eyes.

Unique Clip Arts Perspective

Try advancing from the traditional generic images. To create a unique first impression on your home page, you may use clip art images that are simple and easy to interpret. It may look childish, but very relevant and self-explanatory. Having great picture is great because they give a story. However, simple clip arts may play the role of telling your story in a unique way. Visitors will not be caught up in the beauty of the pictures, but in the relevance of the information intended.

Creative Imagery

Creativity in imagery on a home page is a concept no one can exhaust.  There is always something else left to explore. You have the chance and space to create a unique image. No one can steal all the ideas and talent from you. Focus on what is original and produce it. You will discover your production is unique and stands out above the rest of your competitors. For example, Kiz Musique has a unique imagery of half-faced man and woman’s faced merged. This image is complex as much as it is complicated. It will push anyone to stop and study it. What you need is for visitors take more time on your website. They will find something else they are interested in and probably buying or leave their information.

Video Background

Motion pictures on a home page can never be boring. They are so luring no one will just pass by them without watching through. It is also important to be very creative because you also need to highlight your headlines and crucial text that defines the website. If you put so much focus on the video, the visitors will enjoy the video and move on. You want them to stick around so let the video be short and if possible; play in the background.

The introduction of video background should be the end of boring websites. You do not have an excuse anymore, create that attractive website that no one will pass by without their attention retained. Make a brief quality, high definition video. Let the format be accessible on a wide variety of platforms and devices. Do not restrict the video only to visitors with advanced gadgets. You have a chance to be accessed by the entire world so consider the use of common formats.

Fun Textured Buttons

Do not restrict yourself to careful use of formally defined colours. You can use colour wildly to create an epic look. Depending on the content of your website and target group in the audience, use colour and texture informally. You should, however, be careful about this design because you are likely to eliminate the element of seriousness in your website. The wide use of colour needs professional execution to avoid exaggeration and loss of focus. Crazy patterns and animations are perfect for websites selling or child-products stores. Using such styles on a health information website, religious, or a fundraising website would be inappropriate and disastrous to your reputation.


Study other websites with related content to get appropriate ideas. You do have to copy their images or text. Instead, combine the collection of ideas and put up a better more informed design. Do not shy away from copying ideas. They help you to be competitive and relevant. This does not mean you should forsake originality. It is only in originality that you will achieve the uniqueness you need. This will help you stand out above the rest. Visitors are prone to shop for uniqueness. This means you have a good chance they will stop longer at your website to check out more information hoping to find more exciting and special information or products and services.

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