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Websites have become an integral part of Business organisations in today’s world. Websites are the key to online sales of an Organisation’s products and services. With almost increasing competition in every possible field, it has become highly important for an Organisation to develop a very good website to stay ahead of the competitors in the field. The features of the website play a very important role in the eCommerce industry. These features have to be carefully designed by a highly skilled web designer who will be able to customize the website as per the requirements of the client organisation. However, you need to ensure that the following features exist on the website in order to make your website, the best in terms of the design of the website.

User-friendly Navigation

Most of the websites on the Internet are packed with functionalities. It is absolutely necessary to organize these features on the website so that they can be easily accessed by the customers. If you have a website design where the user has to struggle to find out a specific information, you have a messed-up web design. This spoils the entire purpose of the websites. The internet was designed to provide easier access to information and if your website does not offer the primary features of the Internet like easier access to information, you definitely have a faulty web design. So, you need to have a website design which helps the customer to identify and access the suitable information without much difficulty. This is termed as User-Friendly Navigation. This can be done by providing shortcut links at the bottom of the page which redirects to a specific section of a website.

Minimalist Design

Most people believe that packing your website with images can greatly enhance the website design. But this is not the case always. Although incorporating a lot of design features might help in improving the appearance of the website, they seriously have a lot of disadvantages related to the website speed and site compatibility. This is where the web designer can use his skills to minimize the design as much as possible but still make the website look attractive. There are certain tricks employed by these web designers to accomplish this. The advantages of using a minimalist design are that your website’s speed is greatly improved and it also makes the websites more compatible with several devices. The web design of a website should relate to the Organisation in every possible way. This can be done by incorporating the Organisation’s colour theme for the website. The website design has to be optimized to look professional without the use of too many colours.

Content Quality

One of the key features of a website is the quality of the content posted on the website. This decides the engagement of the customer to the website. The higher the quality of content on the website, the higher would be the user engagement factor of the website. With a better user engagement score, your website will be able to attract a lot of web traffic. However, there is one more thing, which you must ensure in the website design. The layout of the website should enhance the user’s reading experience. This means that the content is displayed in a well-organized layout. The type of font used in the content, the highlighting, the hyperlinks all have a role to play in web designing. Also, a professional layout can help to improve the credibility rating of the Organisation among the users.

Page Optimization

In today’s world, people no longer use only a particular device to access the Internet. A wide range of gadgets like smartphones, tablets which are used to access information from the Internet. Although most of the websites have a properly designed layout, they will have to be modified to be compatible with various operating systems as well as various layouts. This is one of the reasons you need to hire a skilled website designer who would be able to optimize your web page not only for various operating systems but also for various devices. This is done by adjusting the page layout depending on the type of device used to access the website.

Fully Functional

This is one of the easily identifiable features of a good web design. Most of the Organisations tend to use a lot of buttons and links on their website. Although this is a very good feature, it can cause a lot of trouble to your website if you fail to map these buttons to appropriate codes. In such cases, the buttons might be rendered unresponsive seriously affecting the functionality of the website. A website is considered to be highly functional only if all the buttons and tabs are mapped to appropriate codes which are there for a specific function. Mapping a button with a wrong code can result in confusing the user. Hence it is necessary for the web designer to know the purpose of each button on the website to map it with the necessary code. Also, a skilled web designer must be able to eliminate the unnecessary buttons which could affect the functionality of the website. These features greatly increase the efficiency of the website by scraping out unnecessary lines of codes, keeping the functionality of the website intact.

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