9 Reasons to have a Website

The Internet has become a highly indispensable tool in our day to day life. The internet helps us not only to stay connected with our friends and relatives, but also gives us access to information across the world. With the passage of time, the Internet has also evolved to be a hub for selling products and services. Almost every Business Organisation has a website of its own through which they also sell their products and services besides the traditional walk in to buy method.

This also helps the organisation to sell products to customers around the world through their website. If your organisation does not have a website of its own, it is high time to hire the web designer and start the process before your organisation is chased out of the market. There are several advantages of having a website and here are the top 9 reasons which emphasize why your business organisation needs a website.

  1. Attract Global Customers

The Internet is the only platform which has users from every country on the planet. If your business organisation has been offering their products and services only in a locality, the revenue and the profit margins from such revenue would be too low. However, once you have a website on the Internet, you can attract customers from all around the world. This can greatly help in generating income for your organisation.

  1. Improved Credibility

The first thing people do as soon as they hear the name of a new product is typing the product’s name on a search engine and check if the seller has a website. It is a common belief that sellers who have a website are some of the big players in the field whose products and services can be easily trusted. Also, there are several fake Non-organisations which had tricked people in to donate. However, you could easily check their website if you ever have the doubt of whether such an organisation exists. Thus, having a website helps any organisation earn the trust of their customers.

  1. Customer Comfort

Most of the organisations in the service industry have been known for their customer service features. These organisations can go to any extent to please the customers to keep the customer as comfortable as possible during the business transaction. However, your customers are not going to like it, if they have to travel all the way to the store to buy your organisation’s product. Your customers would be more comfortable if they could get these services with a single click on the website. The power of websites could be easily understood by having a glance at the huge success of the E-Commerce Industry.

  1. Accessible around the clock

Most of the business organisations have limited business hours during any customer can walk into their office to resolve an issue. However, there are no such restrictions to a website and this can ensure that your customer can report his issue at any hour throughout the year and expect it to be resolved within the next working day. Also, this gives the customer access to your products and services around the clock.

  1. Effective Customer Feedbacks

Customer feedbacks are the key to the development of any organisation. Only when an organisation is able to resolve the existing products in the current product, they will be able to sustain in the market. To resolve such issues, customer feedbacks are highly essential. However, it would be a highly inhumane task to collect feedback from all your customers in person or on the telephone. A website can greatly help in collecting feedbacks from every customer without much effort.

  1. Meet Customer Expectations

The true potential of having a website lies in better understanding of the customer. Only an organisation which meets the expectation of the customers can be successful. However, this requires a deep understanding of the customer’s mentality and their expectation. Using your website, you can not only collect feedback from customers but also surveys which can help in improving the quality of products and services delivered by your organisation.

  1. Retaining Customer Base

Most of the products which we had used almost a year ago have vanished from the markets, mostly because of the reason that they did not have a website. Having a website ensures that all your customers are able to purchase your products regularly through the Internet on all days of a year. This helps the organisation to retain a loyal customer base.

  1. A Customer Connect Portal

Most Business organisations use their website to connect with their customers regularly by constantly providing them with updates on their new products, the innovative features of the product and their upcoming products. This a website serves as a portal to connect with the organisation’s customers.

  1. Generate Lots of Revenue

Besides helping the organisation to sell their products and services on the Internet, a website can also help your organisation’s revenue through other sources. If your organisation’s website attracts a lot of web traffic, you could put up advertisements on your website. These advertisements are the alternate source of income for small business organisation’s which have trouble with limited funding.  Websites also serve as a passive source of income for large business organisations which mostly comprises of the revenue from ads on the website.

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