5 Cons of Using Wix For Websites

While building an eCommerce website is just your first step to business, how you increase its visibility is the most crucial aspect. For this reason, using WIX might sound like a standalone solution. After all, it improves your web design and offers an intuitive and useful interface.

From securing your website to maintaining a decent site speed, it might be a brilliant decision to use it. However, presuming itto improve your website performance is an on-point false narrative. Despite building an impressive website, Wix might not be a brilliant solution. On this note, here’s presenting the five significant disadvantages of using Wix for websites.

#1 Builds Your Website Way Too Easily

Doesn’t that make it an advantage? Well, had website creation been so straightforward, there would have been thousands of blogs, SEO, conversion optimisation, etc. In addition, eCommerce businessmen would not have invested as much in the construction of a website!

So, the problem with using Wix is it creates some webpages and publishes the website accordingly. As a professional, one should understand the business requirements before anything else. With Wix, aesthetics are no doubt impressive, but its performance doesn’t live up to your expectations.

#2 Limited Hosting Service

What happens when your website starts getting slow? An immediate step to improve the speed is to opt for a decent website host. A website based on an open-source content management system will get a multitude of hosting agencies at its service.

But choosing a third party or outgrowing them isn’t a solution, for you need to start all over again. Thus, taking assistance from Wix to develop your website would provide you with limited options only.

#3 Complications Related to Migrating Wix Data

As your website with Wix starts performing, the demand for more intriguing features comes into being. However, website customisation is not possible with Wix. Thus, it’s always more progressive to build websites based on WordPress or other open-source content management systems.

If you consider outgrowing Wix, complete web development is just out of your budget. But you should never forget to factor in the cost in the foreseeable future.

#4 Hiding Crucial Complexities

As Wix hides complexities, the UX automatically gets improved. However, what customers see is not always what the search engine points out. That said, Google will always notice how you structure the website titles and content covered to describe each page.

Wix may offer support for SEO for pages, but it completely avoids adding intricate details required for visibility. And hiding such complexities would make Google prevent your website from ranking.

#5 More Expensive Than You Ever Thought

Wix is both a paid and freemium tool, and that’s the first impressive benefit you think it offers. But wait before you think that way! A couple of free plans will help you improve Wix branding on the website.

But getting included in Google Analytics tracking with the freemium version is a misconception. For this, you need to use a premium plan: meaning, you need to pay $4 per month. Plus, the free version will have Wix’s logo shown in your browser bar!

Wrapping up

While it gives you a feeling of having a revenue-generating website, it’s not a factual truth! So, the aforementioned reasons indicate that Wix isn’t an excellent platform for your website.

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